***A Message to Blizzard***

Oh hi Blizzard forum admin staff! Thanks for taking the time to review this post. First off - to everyone reading this post, take a deep breath. Look around your desk, find something peaceful. Relax…

Now that we’re all in a place of zen. I think one thing Blizzard execs should be saying right now in meetings…ya’ll rushed this launch to your own detriment. Did you make some cash? Sure. Did you lose your reputability and user loyalty? Absolutely. Do you care? Well you should…here’s why:

  • The fact you are denying folks refunds for WC3:R will make users wary of purchasing another Blizzard title such as Diablo Immortal or Diablo 4. You should rethink this approach. This is a huge blow to your image. Any decent company of your size would offer refunds. At least within a time period of purchase.

  • People are claiming a bait and switch, which is arguably true, but not in the way its being explained. I think the youTube video being shown of the demo cutscene and the real cutscene being widely different in camera angles and actor animations is a good example of this argument. Now - is it a big deal? Not to me, the cutscene is already improved than original as it stands. But is it what was shown? No. Why? I would assume re-making all the cutscenes with advanced story mode Starcraft2 level takes time…which leads me to…

  • Time. You guys promised a 2019 date. Then this got minorly pushed back a month or two. Fine. Happy to wait to polish up the product. But it doesn’t appear this is the finished product. This still feels like a beta. We’ve got numerous (and understandable) bugs, crashes, features missing, cinematics not remastered like the intro, etc. Clearly - this needed another 6-12 months to bring it up to the standard folks wanted. And I think we could have waited for that. One can only assume an internal deadline was being pushed to get this out before Feb 2020. This is the end result of deadlines being pushed.

Now - how can this be saved? Easily - release a statement saying future patches will update cutscenes, FMV’s, mutliplayer ladder, gameplay stability, etc. Don’t put a date…I REPEAT…DO NOT PUT A DATE IN PLACE WHEN THIS WILL BE DONE! You don’t need one. You simply need a promise it will be done when its ready. That’s what we all expect.

I don’t want a buggy half-done Diablo 4. I don’t care if it will take until 2022. Just put the love and effort into it that you did to everything prior to SC2 WOL. The same goes for WC3:R. The damage is done. Do I think this purchase was worth it in my opinion? Absolutely! I love the new models and effects. Really enhances the original gameplay. But what was promised has not lived up to standard. Patches can fix that. So release your statement, and get patching!

Looking forward to your next update patch. May I suggest fixing that stupid Culling cutscene that has so many nerds in a bunch. Cheers


“I think one thing Blizzard execs should…” Nope.

There are no Blizzard execs left now. Activision strong armed all Blizzard’s higher-ups into submission and nearly all of them resigned from the company a few years back. Warcraft III Reforged is a Activision game not a Blizzard one and it shows. Blizzard is gone, only Activision remains now.

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Activision Hungers…

If Activision refuses to provide me with a refund I am contacting my lawyer.

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Classic team actually communicating with the community? Ha. Like that’s going to happen. I don’t know how long you’ve been active here, but that was part of their first offense: Not talking to us about the progress of Reforged during 90% of its development in 2019 (even though there was plenty to talk about considering all the scrapped features).

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Don’t you remember? Activision laid off most of the CM and QA teams. There’s probably like 2 overworked underpaid recent college grads trying to keep up with this WC3:R crap show.

Bobby Kotick needed to boost his bonus by cutting staff. I hope this hurts Activision Stock and Mr. Bobby gets replaced as Chairman.

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So you are going to pay your lawyer thousands of dollars for a $30.00 dollar refund???

I wish I could get my money back and the old warcraft 3 battle net client with stats and matchmaking working again. :confused:

Yes actually. Its the principle not the money.


I agree with you!

::cough bullsh*t cough::

Sorry something in my throat. Anyway - revisiting this post as I realize its lost in the sea of complaints here, but Blizzard has finally addressed this. Of course you all have that - but in case you don’t - here it is again: Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

So pros and cons here:


  • They addressed the issues (to be fair - they had no choice)
  • They said stuff will be fixed, at some point, sometime, which was my point - to get an acknowledgment out.
  • I’m confident WC3:R was probably not high on their patch radar with D4 development - but - due to the community backlash, it is now. So I think we’ll get some meaningful updates soon. Asking for a refund is, in my opinion, only ridiculous if you are waiting until all patches are out and getting it when its on sale, likely summer or Black Friday 2020. For me, I’m up to the Scourge campaign, and I have been enjoying this version thus far. Of course it can be better - but I have no reason to request a refund since I actually like it.


  • They failed to address some core complaints such as the demo Strathholme (spell check?) cinematic was done only as a promotion and not the actual cinematic (however to play devil’s advocate - the one we were given is a vast improvement over the original, but nowhere near as crisp as the demo)
  • They didn’t say “we screwed up” and “we need to make this right”. Something I think all fans were looking for

Personally - I’m looking forward to future patches. I hope they add graphics bug fixes, restore missing features, and update cinematics to missions to get more snazzy. All easily able to do overtime. However - if they want to save themselves here, they need to overdeliver now. Add more features you didn’t even say you were adding. These could be (off the top of my head)

  • A new hero per race (multiplayer only of course)
  • 1-2 new units per race (single and/or multiplayer)
  • 1-2 new soundtracks per race
  • Achievements for single player. 3 per mission (Level completion, 2 feats)
  • 1 new difficulty level - Brutal. Playing on Hard mode reminds me how easy the campaign is. I can single hand-idly defeat the entire right Undead base with Level 10 Arthas on Human9. Pretty silly. The AI needs to be better on this difficulty. I can literally see the AI scripts fire off slowly upon different conditions which I can exploit.
  • While I hope they add this to begin with, I would like all cinematics to be remastered as the intro promo did. Maybe even add more?

I think if they did all that - lets say in 1 year, we may get a proper Reforged remaster which we can all reflect back how fans encouraged big companies to make adjustments for the better.

If they don’t…all I can say is…goodluck for Diablo 4. If they fail in that release, Blizzard is done for.

all your post is good man. but this:

is the fallacy in it.
they are not the same persons (those guys actually left) they have not the same love. they are not the same company, hence everything happened in/from blizzard since… dunno, 2017?

lemme double check the date some important names started leaving… oh, yes. that date works.

That’s a very fair point - I guess I should say they need to reflect on what made Blizzard great to begin with and start to replicate that. Please don’t disappear like Westwood did with Command and Conquer and EA took over…and made Tiberium Twilight…horrifying