9 Item Inventory

I spent my weekend trying to build the 9 item inventory in the video using the PTR and it seemed much more difficult than I wish it were. I was left with a desire for new natives:

native GetAbilityTypeId takes ability abil returns integer

With the ability to retrieve the rawcode for an ability, I would then be able to use the existing “BlzGetItemAbilityByIndex” to get the list of ability IDs on an item (which is currently not available) so that I could give those abilities to a unit to pretend the unit had the item.

native UnitAddAbilityEx

Some unit add ability option that was expanded and let me add the ability multiple times, like an item.

native BlzFrameGetChildAt takes integer i returns framehandle

This would be a must have for better UI customization.


Would be amazing if there was an easy base-line option to increase hero inventory slots through the editor. Up to a max of 12 would be superb.

They are looking into it.

Wow. Did you have help?

Help? Well, there was another fellow experimenting with the UI natives shortly after 1.31 PTR was released and we met on Hive modding discord. He discovered that you could pick up MOUSE ENTER events by using a special type of UI frame. I think it was GLUETEXTBUTTON. When I had tried to use that event, it had not worked since I used the wrong type of UI frame.

But for both him, and for me, all that we knew was what we learned by experimentation. Sometimes I message Blizzard employees on Hive but after this patch all who I asked said they did not know how the new UI natives worked.

I know this is a huge necro - but how did you avoid the “Inventory is full” warning when picking up the other 3 items? I’m also confused as to which natives you used to enable the cursor to change and basically do the same functionality as a real item slot. (Found this post through Google)

Yea man once Patch 1.31 went from PTR to Live all the stuff in this map just became green squares on the screen. I don’t know but I just stopped caring about the system and never looked back. I’d be hard pressed to make the demo run again.

Suffice it to say that while I worked to build this system, everything I used along the way was a total letdown on the part of Blizzard and the APIs that they added. I mean, I don’t support people hating Reforged just to hate like most of the community turned to but I’m just telling you this honestly from trying to build this system.

My first theory was that I would begin the system by querying the constant number of item slots a hero had specified in the editor. Shift enter allows you to enter a number larger than 6, so by the end you could enter 7 or 8 and my system would see it and block out the other slots with the slot filler image.

To make this work my theory was that I would use BlzGetUnitAbilityByIndex and then on each ability test the constant with a name like ABILITY_ILF_ITEM_CAPACITY for a nonzero value. But I was frustrated by failure. When iterating over the abilities that a unit has, you cannot test for “is it an inventory ability” and on non inventory abilities this constant for item capacity returns nonzero bogus values. For example, in this map the Peasant and Town Hall have 1 inventory slot because these queries return 1 for Call to Arms or something. I forget the details. Suffice it to say that there is not anything offered by the API to filter out those false positives.

My next theory after this was to iterate from 1 to N for the number of slots and draw the inventory item. The whole system is a facade made by square images spawned by the UI natives. So the hero only holds one item at a time. Whenever your mouse enters a square are that contains an item image, the hero’s 1 actual item from the legacy 6 slot system is dropped and swapped for the synthetically stored item in the slot you mouse over. Then, the 1 slot that I use from the original system is moved with BlzFrameSetPoints or whatever to be positioned on top of the synthetic UI frame for that item. That way, when you click that real item slot, you get the real mouse behaviors such as the option to drop it. Watch the video again. You will notice points where, if my mouse is carrying an item with the built in system, it goes away if I mouse over a different item square. This same issue occurs and interrupts the Lich’s order to drop an orb near the end. I tell him to drop an orb then mouse over a different item, and he loses the command to drop it. That’s because his underlying 6 slot builtin inventory changes it’s current “real” item to the one that I mused over. At that time, the Lich no longer “has the item” to drop at all. So he just stops and I have to tell him to do it again.

Once I developed all of that theres also the question you’re probably wondering, how was the Lich able to hold 9 orbs and actually gain damage bonus 9 times. I wanted to use BlzGetItemAbilityByIndex and query all the abilities the item had. However this native does not work unless a unit is holding the item, and furthermore cannot give you the integer rawcode of the item’s ability. This was garbage to me. So, instead, I made a giant hashtable for every single item that stored what abilities it was supposed to have in the editor. I did this with an external computer program that I built, which loaded the data from the game and from my map and then dumped out a gigantic JASS file that assigned the value to the table for every ability. That is the depths of how frustrated I was by BlzGetItemAbilityByIndex and how it failed to give me an integer rawcode.

And that’s how this system was made. A facade made from buggy parts stapled together that would probably never work in a production map where you don’t want bugs. Furthermore, I never tested multiplayer but I’m almost certain the way it swaps out hero items and abilities based on mousing over rectangles would cause a desync.

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Wow! That’s awesome that you figured all that out though. I appreciate the in-depth description! :smiley:

Insane. Potg.


Wow. Did you have help?

Obviously Retera is not the kind of member of the community to need help.
Retera is the one providing help.
If there was only his Model Studio… i just start discovering all his work and that is simply beyond every expectation !

Retera Model Studio and Warsmash both borrow code ideas and information from other projects like “mdx-m3-viewer” by Ghostwolf, though. The Retera Model Studio codebase has a better list of citations because it’s publicly used, if you want to look at more of that.

I never meant to consider other’s work as insignificant.

What I see is this : I stop mapmaking in 2004. Back then everyone had a hard time editing models, except for people who already had quite a lot of proficiency in the area.
Now I come back in 2020 with all this Reforge good and mess, try to do so simple model editing (for a newbie) that never seems to work using all the other tools, because at first I could not install your Model Studio. After I realized my problem was not related to java but just to bad understanding of how it used the new thing that buried good old MPQ, CASC Storage.

Now, in spite of having a really rudimentary understanding of how meshes, vertexes, bones work, yet thanks to your dedication to bring this working little gem of a software, I don’t have nightmares everytime I have to do anything simple.

This is what I meant Retera. People like you are not inventing the knowledge, but you create tools that make this knowledge useful.

So yes, thank you.

EDIT : with all this I nearly forgot why I read this whole thread to begin with.
Congratulations, that is impressive, especially considering the obstacles the game seems to throw at you when you try to make things like that.