8 desyncs during group stage at Dreamhack Anaheim tournmanet

2x hawk in group stage (info from hawk)

3x ente (2 in early groups and 1 vs foggy on az)

1x lawliet (vs neytpoh on ei)

2x thorzain (vs moon on tslv)

(from reddit)


  • First disconnect: xhttps://clips.twitch.tv/MoralImportantEyeballBrainSlug
  • Second disconnect: xhttps://clips.twitch.tv/PhilanthropicBillowingDolphinRalpherZ
  • First disconnect (Grubby’s reaction): xhttps://clips.twitch.tv/DiligentCleanWrenRiPepperonis

a joke


we’re sorry to those of you who didn’t have the experience you wanted


Yeah DH have bad connections and pc for sure :grin::grin::grin:


The biggest joke is blizzards silence


This is actually satisfying to watch, and hilarious considering, that there are still people defending Reforged on these forums… :smiley:


Hopefully Warcraft III Classic had Lan Server option.

Oh wait.

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I was one of those defenders, not of this game, but of other titles. But apparently calling out someone who calls others with differing opinions lickers of the boot variety is apparently just as bad.

So once my reeducation ended I finally learned I was being too reasonable and held too much faith in the company itself. They showed me the error of my ways and I’m sad to say it took so long after the real Blizzard was done and dusted years ago for me to wake up.

So far I’ve been really enjoying this train wreck of a year and I don’t think I’ve ever smiled as much when I read Blizzard related news anymore. They absolutely deserve everything that is being thrown at them and more for the sheer incompetence that we get to witness weekly.

They turned me into the very type of person I loathe and I honestly have to say it feels quite refreshing to be an utter jerk all the time now. I no longer have anything good to say about any of their games to friends or family and I no longer rejoice when they do something right since I shouldn’t be happy that they finally did something right.

I should’ve went to the dark side much earlier as it’s so liberating.


It’s not the “dark side” you entered, my friend. You’ve finally come to the light and grasped the truth. All these Reforged defenders are the ones in the darkness of denial. There’s nothing reasonable about it.


I’d like to think of it as the dark side as I have a love hate relationship with the sun and my pale gamer skin!

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I was the same still have some hope they get a super advanced build at release with all fixed bug, but no the game is DEAD devs don’t care about critical bugs that were saw by 12k viewers.

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I was a defender too till the very end and close to release day.

Its kinda sad and surprising how Blizzard was able to release a multiplayerfocused game with so many problems while playing against other players.

The tournament just was another nail in the coffin but not the last one.

I wonder when they communicate with us without this lawyer bs.


I am always disconnecting, in custom games and in versus games. The multiplayer is UNPLAYABLE. Even tournaments experiences it. A hot fix is needed asap, Blizzard, what are you doing???

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It’s just the alt accounts of the devs. Just flag as trolling and move on.

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“We moved too quickly in our decision making, and then, to make matters worse, we were too slow to talk to all of you” - Blizzard Blizzcon 2019

Well, neither one nor the other this time xD


I kid, welcome to the side that understands the Primordial Truth.

I am pretty sure they would defend blizzard no matter what they do

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If you are all so done with Blizzard… What are you still doing here?
Just out of curiosity, because if that’s not fanboyism then I don’t know what is.
“They broke my trust completely”, “I can never like their products again”, “it’s all corporate greed” etc. etc. etc. meanwhile let me just stick around because it “might” get fixed in which case I will play again :man_facepalming:.

Just cut your losses and find something else to moan about. All you are doing right now is giving guys/gals like me a blast out of reading your hurt and whine (it is delicious) and wasting precious time that will never come back to you.
Heck even the “revered” and “holy” (insert sarcasm) Grubby cut his losses until WC3 is fixed.

I bought product on release date, I saw trailers, I liked them, why wouldn’t I buy this game? But result is, I can’t normally play, I’m not even speaking about futures that supposed to be on release date. I can’t play normally through battle net. So often getting desyncs. Over all this negative part, I can’t even go back to original Warcraft classic and play normally as I done it for all this years. Everything I need is, return back to original Warcraft classic as it used to be before reforged was released. Blizz can carry on with reforge, and re release it so I can get my experience with all new graphics and so on. It is so simple to understand

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h ttps://www.noobs2pro.com/how-to-play-lan-games-in-warcraft-3-reforged-lan-games-do-exist/

I don’t stick around for some silly hope… I stick around both to witness the awesome, never-ending roasting of Reforged, and also, to help enlighten people on all the problems with Reforged, alternatives to Reforged and bnet, etc. Also, reading the comments of triggered fanboys like you… Now that’s some delicious stuff:

our hurt and whine (it is delicious) and wasting precious time that will never come back to you.

That is exactly what you are doing, Einstein. If you like the game so much, why are you here, posting no-real-argument comments, and showing us all how hurt YOU are. And those mental gymnastics of yours, to project your own state of fanboyism onto others… This is meme material.