6 months on and still so many bugs!

These are just the ones that I;ve noticed still existing, other people have posted more:

  • Unit Shadows do not display in classic mode in custom maps
  • Still no option to set a custom map preview image? (We had this in old Warcraft 3)
  • “There was an Error Handling the Request” error message appears when loading a Reforged map and in score screen, error seems to serve no purpose.
  • Archway doodad still shows as Stormreaver model?
  • Heroes added through Reforged disappear when the map is next loaded (Example: Kelen the Seeker)
  • Generally, Reforged custom games crash and are not at all as stable as their classic counter parts.
  • Many Reforged unit models do not have a classic variant, rendering classic/reforged compatibility useless in maps which use them.
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