2 weeks. 2 weeks to fix it or its dead

if u are not capable of bringing back ladders/profiles within the next 2 weeks, this game WILL BE DEAD.

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And a hotkey menu.


Eh, I don’t think it will die, unless blizzard leaves it unplayable for half the people. It’s just been around for SO long, and still had a ton of good custom maps.

Most people asked for a refund. They will just wait till the game is fixed to come back, so probably not dead if they don’t fix it in 2 weeks.

they had 2 years to do that and failed

what makes you think 2 weeks is enough


the oldskooler might keep playing. but all the new players coming in, will be gone asap.

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And a proper widescreen HUD / UI that is actually designed for 16:9 screens… and some graphics adjustments because the art is just bad (that messed up brightness, those grass and dirt textures, somebody okayed those textures, dear God…)… and character animations that aren’t locked to a low framerate. Those boys and girls better start working.

I’ve already refunded though.

2 weeks sure arent enough to fix everything. but if they wont fix this 2 issues, (doable within 2 weeks) its dead. thats what i meant.

I think they allready got ladder profiles allready somewhat running in the back.

They somewhere said they wont launch with those for whatever the fck nonsense reason but even if they patch it in and all the whiteknight will go “SEE its fixed now kappa!!“ the game still is broken in so many other aspects. Most of them they, ignore since beta start and will continue to ignore.

The game will not have a healthy playerbase at all, that train left long ago. No matter wether they add ladder or not fast, everything else is broken aswell.

The reason they dont have ladder i bet is because they knew the game was in a bad state were people can not even play and they rolled the game it out anyway and pushed back ladder.

you saw mapmakers forum? it in flames.

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World Editor EULA: KEKW

This is true. Even if we’d have ladder right now, theres no way to play competetively with its current performance, lags, microstutters, etc.

“Most of” the maps people have already made are still available there. People just aren’t inclined to make new ones.

I will come back under two conditions:

  1. Provide the remastered cutscenes that you advertised the game with. Culling of stratholme was a bold faced lie.

  2. Fix the janky unit animations, mp ladder/profiles, bugs/crashes, and put more effort into giving us a remastered UI and terrain that doesn’t look objectively worse than the original game.

Do this and I will buy the game again. I don’t care if it takes a year or more. Redeem yourselves as a company and you will get my money. Don’t try to sell me chinese scam level garbage.