19089 Unable to Interact with player on "white" slot

You are unabled to selectively send a private chat to the player sitting on slot 22 (white) inside a custom game, I cannot confirm if it happens on slots 23-24 as well, the one custom map that I play that has that slot enabled has that issue, but I remember seeing it before in another map.

Another interaction that you cannot do with “white” (22) player is send resources through the trading tab such as gold or lumber, again I cannot confirm it if happens to other player slots that are above 12 (new player slots added in 1.29) but there definitely seems to be a bug with it.

The image of the player properties in that custom map:



It seems like the player on the white slot is being treated like an observer hence the bugs above, I cannot confirm if other player slots from 13 and onwards suffer from the same issue though.