19089 crash loading BLP textures

Report id 7B5FECE7-C3A5-4E2C-85C8-8E54D4F18F9C, a model using BLP textures will crash the World Editor, regardless of texture size or aspect ratio.
This was initially tested in HD, on this model: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/baine-bloodhoof-young-alternates.339687/ from the Hive Workshop. Converting this model’s textures to DDS makes it not crash.

Seems to affect both SD and HD assets, but it was not consistently reproducible between maps, so it’s likely not as simple as just an error in parsing BLP


This is a huge issue, potentially all custom maps could be affected


You sure the BLP files are not malformed? A lot of BLP files such as those made by BLPLab can end up malformed such as missing mipmap levels or if using bitmap storage mode not providing enough bytes.

Still should not crash but I can expect some of them to not load correctly.

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They shouldn’t be malformed, but further testing proved that this bug might be more complex than just BLP being broken…
While I was able to crash one test-map with a simple SD model where I did most of my initial testing, trying that model out in a new map worked correctly; I’ll amend my post to try and reflect this