Custom Lobby Downloads Not Working

EDIT: this might actually be a bug with new maps not being uploaded to the cloud when hosted rather than maps just not downloading

Reposting my bug report from the ptr board because it’s still a thing on live (has been happening to me all night):

I and some others that were trying to test things on the PTR were unable to download the maps that each other are hosting. The map download progress bar stays at 0% and then disappears, and then the game tries to join the lobby but none of the map info actually loads, and we get kicked from the lobby about 2s later. I noticed that this bug had also happened to me in the live client but I figured it was just a one-off. Seems it’s not just a one-off though :frowning: (this is still happening on retail)

Same issue on this patch, when I host the player joins and than a few seconds later is dropped.

We deployed a hotfix for this about ten minutes ago.


very based, thank u kaivax :sparkling_heart:

Thank you Kaivax! :slight_smile:

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well hey a critical issue got fixed quickly, it can happen!

still have the problem…only can play map owned