build update

The build update has progressed. What has changed?



Why is this not on the official Battle.net launcher? When you select “Patch Notes”, it still brings up notes from January 19th. Why do I have to search the forums for information regarding patch notes when it should be displayed directly on the game launcher under “Patch Notes”?


Return the old BNet maps and early versions of W3Champion maps, stop adding these edited maps that target certain playstyles by adding invisible walls and rocks to cliffs etc etc.

It’s very annoying, plus, when you look the pathch notes and the only thing you see is old info, make you feel like the game is dead!

The game is dead…

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Kaivax, you might wanna add a note that communicates how the campaign mission transitions have been fixed. I just tested it a few minutes ago and can confirm I’m able to go from mission to mission uninterrupted.

Yikes that’s a pretty big patch notes for it to go unnoticed :s

Goodjob on the patch guys!

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The game is super unbalanced now. 40% of top 50 players on W3Champion are Night Elf. NE must be nerfed!

more fun when almost half Human players at ~top100 tournament in war3liqpedia database has better winrate with any other races, inc. random lol

Lie. Only NE has better winning rate. Find link at w3champions .com / OverallStatistics / winrates-per-race-and-map

I think it was a hotfix. But I would like to see what else changed other than fixing the continue button in both Campaign and custom Campaign.

I truly do appriciate the updates, but it would really be a good idea for news posts to be made when the game is updated, anyone who looks at the game tab for war3 in the bnet app is going to think the game hasn’t been updated at all in a much longer time span than what has actually happened.

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While overall the ranked situation seems better, I am STILL seeing some matches not get recorded promptly. It at least seems to not be magically making losses out of wins, but there is clearly still more work to be done.