- Campaign stuck or game crash

Dear Blizzard,

I already reported it many times during the PTR, but noone listened. Now I see a lot of feedback from the community complaining about this.

Aftercampaign mission prologe Departure after

  • I clicked on continoue,
  • dropped me to Campaign list
  • and mouse disappeared.
  • if I clicked(with invisible cursor) on 3th mission it dropped me to defeat screen instantly.
  • After I pressed esc and go back to list of campaign missions.
  • Mouse cursor came back.
  • Clicked on 3th mission… started to load… than game crashed.

Happaned with 1. prologe mission as well.
After each I have to restart the game. Sometimes it help, somethimes not.
This bug was exist also at 1.34 (and I stucked during bonus campaign p3, after the blockade as well)

Any suggestion? Is it a know bug abd dev team already working on it?



Hey Szaszak, I think this falls under Level transitions in campaign can cause the game to become unresponsive in error in the Known Issues pinned thread. However this is more detail, and I can confirm this happens with every campaign level I’ve played so far (RoC, just started nelf).
Work around is to choose Quit Campaign at the end of the level instead of Continue. Then it will bring you to the level select menu, and you just choose the next level. It doesn’t seem to impact the level transition between an Interlude and the next level.

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