Naga Textures Still Broken

new patch, same ol’ report

please fix the SD spawning grounds & tidal guardian models, thanks


To add on to this one: I believe some people mentioned before that the game is reading the wrong file path for Naga textures(?), I am not entirely sure but the textures are indeed not loading/transparent, specifically the water sprite texture.

not the only time it happens, the emissive path for Kael’thas and the hair texture for the Apprentice Wizard are wrong too

The high elven barracks also is missing it’s work animation. The old sd model had one.

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I did a new pass on broken things, comparing <1.32 models, reforged models and models from 1.33 and onwards.

Goblin Laboratory seems to have lost its sprite animation on the upper lens as well, seems like all the “Sprite” textures in the game (Naga building water, Goblin lens, etc.) have been broken.

Firelord orbs are supposed to be red too but in game are black (another sprite broken).

Seems to be (related) to MDX (model format)'s KMTF, all the models that are broken seem to utilize KMTF.

For the record, above they said that Apprentice mage texture is broken: this is false I tested both versions, Kael seems to be fine too, and lastly, the elven barracks do have a work animation just like before reforged. The only ones actually broken are the ones I mentioned.

are you saying the ones who made these were high when they made these???



I am an HD modeler, I know what I’m talking about.

To clarify I meant the reforged HD elven barracks doesn’t have a work animation. Or at least it didn’t. Maybe they fixed it and I haven’t noticed. Or it’s so subtle it never caught my eye. I know classic war3 the building would have a glow effect over an emblem near the top when it was doing something. Kinda assumed the new model would have something similar to the human barracks light coming out the front doors, but I’ve never seen anything to indicate in game it was working on anything.

Since they literally made brand new assets from scratch for reforged I would have thought that literally every building model would have been given at least a birth, death, and work animation.

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I know many people who can have that fixed

Speaking of, Hiveworkshop has a “Fixed Original Reforged Models” section; the ball is on Blizzard to use those models and implement them to the game

this thread is specifically about SD models, why mix in HD models without specifically stating so? you are confusing them.

Mostly because I missed that one crucial tidbit of info. My bad.

I’m not able to install 1.35… whenever I try, it says it’s up to date. How did everyone get 1.35?

It’s the PTR - in the launcher, click on “warcraft III” (the text), and select “Public Test Realm”, then install and launch that


let’s just move on and make another thread for HD stuff

still here in :frowning: