Default HD PKB assets still marked invalid

A bug introduced in 1.33 that causes the editor (and game? idk because I didn’t pay for HD graphics) to not load default (non-custom) popcorn-fx-using assets still exists in this PTR.

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For more history on this: during Patch 1.33 PTR in the past several months of this year, there was a time when a lot of the biggest HD custom maps where the players were the most invested – specifically for HD graphics – all were crashing. And we figured out they were crashing because this new patch this year, Patch 1.33, was not accepting the PKB asset files that were in the format from Reforged Patch 1.32. So in order to play those maps, every map had to be changed otherwise it would instantly crash. It ruined the backwards compatibility across upgrades to Warcraft 3, and also some of these art files were made by different groups of users who did not have backups of the source files to remake the art files for the new patch.

So people complained and then the Blizzard guy at the time said he would put in a special check into the Warcraft 3 Reforged Patch 1.33 that recently came out so that his special check would just skip over files in the format that Warcraft 3 Reforged Patch 1.32 wanted. Otherwise, if he had not done that, then a bunch of Reforged graphics custom maps would have been ruined by him releasing that update.
By skipping the assets of the incorrect version, he made the maps not crash. That way it was possible to open a map made before this patch in the World Editor and then fix the map, etc.

But this guy was in a big hurry because this is Activision and stuff, so he put some kind of bug in there. Now the World Editor says almost all of the ingame assets are bad and skips over them!! But somehow the game still works (most of the time).