Beta Notes (Updated)


From my side i see performance enhanced overall but i STILL cannot create any 1v1 or 2v2 custom games… i instantly go to results screen (kicked out the game) after the map loading, even before starting…

I hope this issue won’t stay in the live game :slight_smile:

I tend to be pretty negative these days but, this is a nifty thing.
Good job. :+1:t2:

Hey Topraman99 - Thanks for the kind words. I looked into the issue you reported with creeps being invisible and wasn’t able to reproduce what you are seeing. When I created a custom game on Booty Bay, without computers or humans, I saw the creeps and they proceeded to kill my lone Ghoul.

Is your issue still occurring? What map are you experiencing this on? What creeps are supposed to be there? Does it happen on all graphics settings? This should help us narrow down the possible culprit.



Hey Torelef, thanks for the prompt response (at all)! I wasn’t planning on getting one at all! I feel almost star-struck! Anyways, I THINK the map was bridge too near, and the settings were all max. The creeps were ogres warriors and Frost troll high priests. My race was NE.

Crazy thing is, I just tried to re-create the bug, and I couldn’t, with all the same settings I remember. It only happened once, and after that I thought it had to do with the fact I didn’t have an opponent, so I created an opponent next game and everything worked fine again.

Let me know if you want me to try anything else. I would love to help you guys the best I can. Good luck, brotha!

BTW, as per my rig, my GPU runs no more than 30-50% when I play the game, even in the random cases the FPS drop.

Thanks for checking back in! Glad to hear it resolved itself, keep us posted if you see it again.


Buy a monitor instead a TV, nobody cares about 21:9!

I will add a little. Writes an error connecting to the channel. I fly out of the battles when I create a game with a bot, while playing with the players the battles does not crash.

Also, units have no animation of portraits, and no voice.

When I play warcraft 3 offline the skins for the heroes don’t work.
Am I the only one who has this problem ?

I do not even have option for offline

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unfortunately map loading decreased upon second load up for me
hopefully i’m not alone in this ;/

Normal games are nearly instant loaded.
Costum Maps depends on which map u wanna play.
Load times there are between 10sec and 2minutes and after Long times at least 1 Player Drops.

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sorry I didn’t mention that I was referring to normal games, I haven’t noticed any difference when I load the map for the first time like it takes 1 minute to load, but it does decrease on the second load not sure why

Do you play in 1080p?

What are the chances to see a big patch this week?

I don’t know if this is the right place for this, but I noticed that Blizzard has been listening to the community feedback pretty thoroughly.
Archer pose fix, hippogriff colour fix, etc.
One thing I only just noticed now was that they changed the orcs to all have a high saturation colour palette(Shrek like), now, I preferred the darker looking orcs like BM and peon and the original blizzcon showcase grunt, buuut, I appreciate the consistency.

Okay, on to actual reports:
-Troll creeps are still missing their “Berserk” animation, they have two spells, but they are both the “ensnare” ability. Troll Warlord has no animation for both spells.

=Grunt spell animation is far too long/complex for most spells.
The old grunt animation was 1.4 seconds, and played well with Frenzy, Bloodlust, Roar, etc. The new spell is 3.2 seconds long, one of the longest spell anims I’ve seen, very unfitting for a unit like grunt, who in custom games would typically use things like roar, howl of terror, berserk, frenzy, etc.
Because it includes the axe being thrown the spell interrupt looks really odd(Axe goes to ground and then magically re-appears)
I recommend trimming out the axe throw or simply speeding up the animation to be 1.5 seconds like the old spell anim.

-Tauren slam sound is poorly timed, it plays after the animation instead of at the same time.

-Opinion: I think the troll berserker needs to have the headhunter pauldron added, or the headhunter have his removed, the upgraded model looks much less complex and a drastic change between them.(The old berserker looked the same as HH but different enough in physique/pose to be recognizable)

-Berserkers, headhunters, and maybe others -never- use their second weapon, the old models threw both axes and both spears, the new models only ever use one and hold the other one for seemingly no reason.

IMO one of the most iconic classic anims was the troll backflip, no current trolls have their backflip. Though on the positive, I love the HH’s mohawk straightening anim, very nice.(That, the pauldron, and the pointless secondary weapon on the berserker make it a big visual downgrade to upgrade tbh.)

-Siege Engine
Siege engine plays the -barrage- attack animation regardless of whether you have barrage, meaning the engine swaps models during attack only to return to the unupgraded model afterwords. This is also a classic bug, this is a really easy fix and I usually fix it myself in war3 customs.
Renaming the “Attack one alternate” anim to “Attack Alternate” fixes the problem.

-Mortar team has had since beta release and continues to have odd timing with the -firing animation- -the projectile launch- and the -attack animation sound- The timing is really off, the blast from the mortar, the projectile launch, and the sound, all happen too far apart from each other.

-Kodo beast textures blatantly broken, bright green on ropes and chains, this seems like an obvious one bound to be fixed soon.

-opinion, sort of… Beastmaster needs a serious overhaul, a bear pelt, furs, wolf pelt, maybe a boar skin, some hides, literally anything to make him look like more than a generic warrior. As of now he could be any mok’nathal, ogre, or “Brown Orc” , he actually looks more like a discount garrosh than a beastmaster…Actually, I take it back, this isn’t opinion, this is objective, lol.

-Odd scaling, these odd scaling choices were of course present in the original game, but not as extreme as in reforged, and moreso, they look way more jarring with the higher detail units.
First one is the peon building animation, whereas the peon becomes a tenth of the size and sits in a crane when building… I mean, the builds were never scaled realistically, but seeing a mini peon building right next to my normal sized peons working is super weird.
Second is even worse, the goblin tinker shrinking to again, a tenth or less of his original size, fails to make his demolisher form look bigger, but instead just looks really stupid, afaik the HoTs version doesn’t go through this weird shrinking when transforming, the old animation didn’t look nearly as bad when morphing, half the size might be acceptable, but now the tinker becomes smaller than most critters.

Will update if I find more.


The promo started :

Odd scaling? Whatever do you mean?


:wink: (i’m serious to be clear me and my friends all assume these a bugs in the scalings, They are WAAAAAY to large)


Hm idk if it’s bug or they did it on purpose, i prefer the classic look, from coloring to the way the wings hang in the back in the classic are way more graceful and ‘‘queenish’’, anyway excited for tomorrow update.

PS: why Grubby completely abandoned reforged, is it that bad, buggy? i see other streamers are playing.

They are trying reduce lag by downgrade graphic?

Ingame high and low preset:

It looked same!

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