Beta Notes

(Pete Stilwell) #1


Hope everyone brought their appetite, the plagued Andorhal grain has arrived. We were unhappy with a few disconnects in 3s and 4s, so this patch does not include new game modes - see Incoming for what will be included in the next major patch.

We’re actively working on the queuing issue.


  • Undead have entered the fray
  • World Editor now available from Battle.net (“Launch Editor” button on subnav)
  • Chat frame size increased
  • Chat can be pinned
  • Updated Social and Team invite panel
  • Updated Versus race icons
  • Added toggle for sound when game is in background



  • Night Elf
  • More improvements to chat experience/functionality
  • 3v3, 4v4, FFA
  • Custom lobbies and games

(Pete Stilwell) pinned #2


When will I receive pre-order beta?



thanks for the update! :slight_smile: I love the undead race!

Still some questions:
Are there plans to fix the hotkey stuff, i want to play with grid :P?
FPS is WAY better now (at least it feels like it).
But i still can’t set the game to 144hz (setting always reset to 60hz). It really is pain to play on 60hz when your brain is used to 144hz.


still waiting for my beta :c


Also waiting for my spoils of war pre-order beta! <3


Don’t tell me that you don’t know about ground units walking through cliffs and water?


Thanks for the patch notes.

By the way, there is way much more known issues that the ones that you show on that thread, infinite more problems.
Must read most carefully all the forums


True, also the hotkey settings (Grid) and graphics settings (144hz) bugs are really common in this forum… they must know about it :smiley: (at least i hope so)


Thanks, fiddled with the World Editor a little bit, that takes me back.

War3 crashed on me while testing the map but the World Editor itself seems to be working pretty well.


Hi, is it ok that some units still don’t have their voiceover? On the Russian localization, the death knight is completely silent.


Hoping for custom games and AI. I’m not spectacular at PvP in RTS so getting stomped by pros on the beta isn’t my idea of fun.


Can play beta, but can’t post on beta forums. Why?


Netcode - fix it, please, almost every game = desync.


same why ?


I can’t download update right now. Did they really turn male dk Into female?No way…


Does any one know how to bind hotkeys in reforged ?


Thanks for the Beta Pete <3


Sweet, I noticed AT was not on that list, but I assume that is coming too. Me and my friends love some 2v2


Any chance we could get some status of the MacOS version of reforged?