1.31.0 FPS/Crash fix.


For some reason ( ̶W̶C̶3̶ ̶R̶e̶f̶o̶r̶g̶e̶r̶e̶d̶) warcraft 3 using Directx11 by default. That absolutely does not make sense and causes a bunch of problems, especially on old devices.

So to fix 5fps problem or crashes, we need to switch back to DX9 or OpenGL

  1. Open your game folder (D:\Games\Warcraft III)
  2. Open x86_64 folder (D:\Games\Warcraft III\x86_64)
  3. Click right mosue button on Warcraft III.exe and press “create shortcut”.
  4. Right mouse button on shortcut > Properties
  5. Add " -graphicsapi Direct3D9" do the object field, so u will get smth like

“D:\Games\Warcraft III\x86_64\Warcraft III.exe” -graphicsapi Direct3D9

  1. Launch game from this shortcut

Warcraft PTR 1.31 lag fix
Is there a way to "un-do" the lastest patch? My PC is so laggy now i cant play

Didn’t work for me. Unit animations seem very low FPS still for some reason.


I’m running this on my 8 year old desktop under Linux with Vulkan via DX11 and DXKV.

I’m getting about 170 to 200 FPS and it is very smooth.


it works thank you <3


same problem, not working for me - i have about 30 fps, i had about 60 - 70 … now unplayable :frowning:


worked for my friend thank you very much. pls share and bump


Thanks man! I appreciate!


Unfortunately, blizzard might drop support for Direct3D 9 like they did for their other games. check patch notes

I hope this will never happen. This is the only way I fixed FPS problem in this patch.


Worked perfectly, i was fps 6 now im 120 fps. and before patch i was 60!


when you say add -graphicsapi Direct3D9 to the object field, which one is the object field, i don’t see something that says object field on the shortcut properties


There is another option. Dual booting Linux is easy and the game runs great under Linux.


After I put this in the target field, it does not allow me to save it. Doesn’t recognize it as a legitimate entry. Dunno what I’m doing wrong, seems straightforward. Game keeps crashing on every load screen. Can someone clarify or suggest another solution?


you need to place it at the end of the command line, after the "


i try to put it like this: “C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\x86_64\Warcraft III.exe”-graphicsapi Direct3D9 and i cant save it. it says that its invalid. What am i doing wrong? i could previously (pre patch) play perfectly fine on my laptop and now it doesnt work…


it must be “C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\x86_64\Warcraft III.exe” -graphicsapi Direct3D9

a space after the ”