1.30.4 Patch Notes


I’ve been trying to install WC3 on my iMac for about a month now. I think there must be some kind of permissions issue, I’ve tried all the tricks posted onilne but I can’t seem to get past the initial “Starting Warcraft III…” window. I’m able to select my language, click next, then the installer just never progresses past 0% on the “Start Warcraft III…” dialogue. Any tips for a loyal WC3 Mac player?

  • Fixed more cached data desynchronizations

Wish you could be capable of fixing them all. First game on new patch I played I got desynced after 30sec.


Pete, I love u so much, please fix the custom maps desync :slight_smile:


everybody got desync around 20 mins into the game. This update is very bad


What is the map name?

(Pete Stilwell) #48

Thony, Mochi, and else,

Please let us know which maps are desyncing (or other relevant facts for reproduction like what maps you played in what order).



It was a custom map Footmen Frenzy 5.5.3


ENT shill all mad because he can’t get hostbots.


And arranged team? Still not fixed I assume?

Will it ever be fixed? Can we at least get an answer there? Seems like it’s never being resolved.


Also, when can we start submitting people who team kill in Random Team? You clearly can’t play Arranged Team so we’re forced to Random Team. Yet Random Team is full of team killers which is slowly and surely killing this game. It’s a serious problem yet blizzard literally ignores it.


LTF and LTA!!! Love u Pete :smiley:


When are you going to add the fixed aspect ratio button back and fix the broken sound that continues to play after minimizing the game?


This patch didnt change anything, Legion TD x20 still dropping and discing everyone in the midle of the game, ffs


@wrath Either repair the installation or download another copy of the client from blizzards website.


Yeah, is there a reason why wc3 doesn´t show up in the posible instalations on the downloads site?


Probably an issue with the game itself, they should try updating the triggers because much bigger maps such as azeroth wars have little to no people dropping.


Must be a human player. Imba for 10 years. can’t accept the balanced patches


I tried to use the link do download the latest version of the game. The link takes me to the download page but the game does not show up in the Classic Games column.


For a guy who have been very negative about WC3 development the last 2 years, this is the most positive news.

If this works, maybe we do not waste our time with desycn every other game.


WHY CANT I FIND A RT 3-3 or 4-4 game? I search for hours and NOTHING, no estimated time, no game. I tried 2 years now! I play from ASIA does it exclude ASIA? I see alot people say they play 3-3,4-4 Why cant I?

If I search 1v1 or 2v2 I can find a game within 20 minutes. BUT NO 3v3 or 4v4
I want answer and SOLUTION!


some game modes arent that mutch played on some servers u can find 4n4 on EU EZ while 3n3 is really hard to find …