1.30.4 Patch Notes


I’ve already mentioned this in the old forum but I still want to suggest this wish:

In the custom map “Footmen VS Grunts” players have a command to set the cameraangle, to zoom in and out, for example “-cam 3000” would zoom really far out which is helpfull for these kind of massive battles and macro plays.

I wish this becomes a command for melee maps aswell, and once you set it, it is logged to the current value for the next games.

For me personally, it was all about the bases, and the buildings, they look too clunky / big for my taste, so zooming out just a little bit, gave them more of a starcraft’esk look, which was much more appealing for me.

I was really looking forward to the zoomed out game we saw some months ago, with the fixed aspect ratios, the widescreen and stuff, but it never came through. : /


Hi, I have been disconnecting at the beginning of every few games. I am able to play 2-3 games in a row then am disconnected for 2-3 games in a row. I have a good connection/ping. I have not been playing any custom games and I even exit out and restart after each game. I have also followed a blizzard post about ending some background processes but this has not helped. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to solve this. Thanks


What the actual f%$# is wrong with the sounds here??!!?!
In custom maps sounds are running crazy, hearing them super loud all over the map… sounds like Dark Conversion, or Elementals and Infernals dying, sounds like some idk how to explain it… Undead Whoooosh sound, like the haunted humming sound you would expect from Undead buildings!
those sounds are not localized and are instead played to every player’s (who is on the map) ear at max volume!!! :rage:
Please fix this… we’ve seen this problem a long time ago. :confused:
Makes it completely unplayable at times! I gotta mute my effects volume which as you might imagine makes it much harder and less enjoyable to play…


you can post your criticism of pete stilwell here


O M F G, just wanted to play a game today after 3 weeks, thinking they surely repair the game. Impossible to play CG, drop with no reason. So played one ladder game… disconnected at the first second.

You are really killing it and you dont care…


post your review about pete stilwell here


How hard is it to keep us informed…?

what are you working on right now? What are you doing?

Channels getting fixed? Ban button getting fixed?

Are you going to remove this retarded mistake of yours with color coded names?

Do you know that people are using Warcraft 2 accounts as bots right now in Warcraft 3?

It can’t be that hard to just communicate with us…


One more month without arranged team fix …


[Mac Hotkey Bug]

When playing 1.30.4 on Mac, if you press ‘F11’ then the game will jump back to desktop and the game screen will be minimised to the top of the Mac OS desktop. It supposed to have no effect when the player press ‘F11’ by itself. (The ‘fn’ + 'F1 to F12 works well)


My friends and I have been playing this game since we were kids, but we’ve always managed to run in to an issue with not having the same version, so we would always make sure we download the latest patch (if it wasn’t the same version), but it seems that with this new patch it has broken our capability to connect to each other over LAN and this really upset us. We aren’t sure if its because of this new ‘Bonjour’ thing or not, but could you guys at Blizzard please fix this issue ASAP, it would really mean a lot to us. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

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[Temp Fix Available]****[Another Mac overheat bug report]

When playing Reign of Chaos in 1.30.4 (especially playing the Campaign mode), the CPU temperature will go over 80 celsius degree, but the Frozen Throne does not have this issue.

I have tested and checked the CPU usage and the results are:

I have tested and checked today:

The Frozen Throne was always around 10% of CPU usage on Mac which is good.

But Reign of Chaos’ CPU usage on Mac was around 10% to 25% and even more percentage of CPU usage which is strange. Its CPU usage was always changing.

Please fix it in the next build.

[Temp Fix]

After switching from TFT to RoC, quit the game and relaunch it then this RoC overheating issue will be solved on Mac.


Pete are you there son,are you eating onions too until Reforged comes out ?


Can elf be nerfed? Even in 1.30.4 they are way to strong. I win on average 60% with them. Other races I win 50%. It it just me? Well, no.

I saw Grubby his elf wins more than is Orc main. Meg loses most vs elf. Tod loses most vs elf. These are not small margin of randomness, this can be 15% differences compared to other matchups.

Just some picks from more people ranked high in ladder; tanymommy, knoff, deathnote, ikbencool, ghost, timeisdancing, maddness, grubbyscousin and we can keep on going. These all have notable lower winrates vs elf than any other race.

It is no fuking fun to play against, and as a random player, also not much fun to play with. You can lose your hero 3 - 5 times lose an expo and still roll over an enemy. This are not uncommon occurrences.


Elf is too good for solo, but they suck at 4s.
Human is too good for 4s, but they suck at solo.
Its hard to make a game balanced in two gamemodes.
If you nerf elf for solo, they will be close to useless in 4s.
If you buff humans, 4s will be completely unplayable


Why is the game still crashing on me? For real, when I have an AI Night Elf in my team or as my enemy, while playing the game for like I think 45 or 1 hour, the game just crashed. Also, even if I don’t have the night elf in the game, game still crashes and pop this app to report blizzard of why the game stop which I don’t know why that app pop out.

For real, fix the crash for crying out loud.


There will be patch 1.31 for Classic Warcraft 3 before the release of Warcraft 3 Reforged Public Beta.


This whole thing is driving me nuts. I mean, you guys mentioned AT issue as known one about a month ago and you not even trying to fix it…


Ah yes. Let me clarify: as mention in that post for elf nerfing is in regard to 1on1. I am aware the game does not play the same in 1on1 as it does in 2on2, 4on4 and FFA. But balances should be done at a 1on1, possibly 2on2, level. This is where the professional players are at. You need that 1% for the community. There is a reason 4k people watch grubby and back2warcraft, but this does not happen to 4on4 streamers. Regardless of motivation for this: the emperics speak loud enough. I know arguments can be given this is not the case but in last 15 years these ideas on why and emperics never matched up. Lets not do that again.

But I understand the concern. With KOTG hunts buffed (relative to 1.28) and HH buffed even 2on2 is hardly playable vs TC HH KOTG Hunts. I play random with an orc ally and we won about 60-65% in AT. Then we switched to me picking elf and going with the strat above and the only team we lost against would be Cash/Stormhoof or mirror matches. I think we hit like 30 - 4 or something. In reverse: if we play against this we hardly ever win with another race/style we pretty much always lose. Even if from the face value of their stats on their profile those players are not impressive.

It is simply never going to happen that 1on1 and 4on4 both are balanced. We have to pick a style. That style is 1on1. And currently it is pretty fuked up.


And I know double post but this is about something else: can there be taken a look at the mappool? In specific the 2on2 mappool? Maps have become far worse. I’ll run though some below.

Avalance never was a great map for competetive play. the walled of goldmines but using two mines with one main building, no shops, double fountain. This had some funky twists and twirls to it not good for competition play. Now that was tried to be rectified but it still is no good for competition. However the funky twists and twirls are also gone; now the map fails at succeed in either one of those two goals.

Bridge to near only has like 8000 gold in the starting gold mine; whereas 20.000 is the default. No idea why this is. All creepspots are skewed towards one other spawning location due to the bridges making it very defensively to creep or very risky. Mid gold mine creeps attack reallied units and those fukings have slow. Mid gold mines are too easily harassable; too close to mid position of the map. Bridge allows for severe choke points. Spawning locations can be so narrow building placement is actually an issue for most races.

Phantom Grove LV. Please get back the original. The LV is just bad. The map layout got dented so bad it is now a huge roundabout. The defensive expo has like 3 level 1 creeps providing free expo. Note that this expo is not accessible to enemies without walking directly by the main base! What-da-fuq? This favors some races more than others. The more offensive goldmine creeps are somewhat to strong. Personally I don’t like the green creeps most close to spawning locations; these are skelletons and don’t drop corpses with hurt UD. Considering all other creeps are significantly stronger and logical upscaling in strength is gone. I have no idea why this map was changed, or what the intend was, but I do know it failed at an aggregated level compared to the old.

Tidewater: to much water disallowing building production. Way to many choke positions. Deep water is choked into the map especially below the top right spawn creating a huge detour to the other side of the map, really unnatural feeling to it. Closest creeps have rejuvenation making it tough to creep with low food count; yet no other options are available if that is the case. Gold mine creeps at bottom at 4 oclock just of tavern may attack rallied units.

Fulborg mountain; waaay to many creeps able to cast frost armor. Merc camp Between two right side spawns attack rallied units. Also may occur (lesser, but not neglectable) at the other side of the map. Ogres and trolls near base are sperate camps but may both be aggroed when creeping one. Bases are only accessible via choke hold positions, that is not uncommon as most maps have that design but openings are much smaller here than on any other map.

Moonsong: glad this map is gone. Everyone is. Well done.

for 1on1:
Plunder isle: the map is just weird with gold mine location. Huge vertical design with highground blocks in the middle. Everyone vetos it so I guess we shouldn’t debate about it much further.

Teneras stand LV: I get this map had flaws and I do understand the redesign of the map. It is arguably improved but some things should be considered for further improvement I think. One if the item drops with may be ridiculous items relative to the creep (spot) that drops them. This may heavily tilt into one player his favor. The spawning locations are so far apart I don’t even think LT cross spawn is equal to this distance. I think if the previous map had some relocation of the laboratory it whould have been fine. Stupid simple should be enough to fix the original map.

Tirisfal glades: no idea why this map is back. I know it got adjusted. didn’t help. I know people played it when it got into the map pool. It faded out over time just as the old one, never saw it again. Speaks for itself.

Concealed hill: Trees, especially at top position, are really far from the main. You notice this because resources are just in late for timings that do work on other maps.

Finally: maps in tour are not updated to recent versions and still use the old version. Also some outlier maps are still in place there.


Please add the command !autostart 12 (for # of players) before game starts red goes afk and wrecks games that dont start…people leave and then join and it causes frustration, in fact make it just auto start max player # by default and red can then change it if wanted.

Also make it so Chief and Shamans can have a command to /w everyone online in the clan at once. It might not be a bad idea for everyone to be able to do this, but with limitation so its not abused.

Fix the game so it doesn’t always default everyone to uswest. Other realms have lost a lot of players because most people are not smart and dont realize it happened and just remake their name and dont know how to change realms because they are too unobservant to notice the magnifying glass button next to bnet. I know it sad but true…

Also please make it so when the game minimizes it stays minimized. not a huge deal but would be nice…

Ill get back with more soon. thanks.