1.30.3 PTR Notes


are you retarded? how is blizzard listening to TOD? TOD thinks the balance was better at 1.28, so you agree with him. I think same goes for b2w. And your upvoters are probably just rightclicking idiots which just want their 2 agi back


It’s nice to nerf units that are OP but Blizzard forgot to buff NE units that noone ever makes. That is all heroes other than keeper, bears. hyppo riders…


I liked it when they killed bots. A lot of hacks were done by downloading wrong maps and …

I’m more in favor of Blizzard have it’s own bots to create and host lots of fun and standard maps, like Dota which I still prefer playing it in WC3 format and graphics :slight_smile:


obs you have never watched a pro scene game play… please stop basing things on your poor micro vs an mk on this feed. last thing we need is more nerfs on mk.


Stop nerfing roots. It has been the same for almost a decade. People who say it’s OP don’t know what they are talking about. The issue was the Treants buff and mana reduction, giving KOTG ability to use multiple spells especially with moonwell update. You should address these before you nerf roots.


Human can play against UD in 2 ways:

  • 1 tower against early skeleton rush and go T2 asap, rifle and try to defend UD’s 50 push with 3-4 rifles and lvl1mk
  • lots of towers and it can stop UD’s 50 army push but you wont have army and UD will creep the whole map and just crush you in army vs army fight because tanks are not an option any more.

This MU has been, is, and going to be a joke without serious changes.


Thanks a lot for the update!
I know it is hard to do balance things with a game like warcraft III, and it will always be on the processing i think.
However, another thing is also important: to make all units at least USEABLE.
It’s depressing that when you want to use some units like orc’s Witch doctor, heroes like Crypt Lord.
Being Interesting is always more important than being balanced as it is a GAME!
Absolutly balanced game only comes with symmetrical confrontation.So, please, don’t make NERF things, make those bad ones USEABLE!


Please add a custom lobby game list that you can detach and view while in a lobby or especially, in channel, so you can contact with your friends… Alternatively, you could just make it in a browser again before you needlessly removed that from bot functions. It needs to be replaced, ASAP.


Love the new Dev Notes! <3
Its a great new feature to the patchnotes.


I agree.
Instead of nerfing keeper of the grove, i Just wished they would buffed some other heroes like Paladin.
Paladin could be a good hero potentially, buff ms.


[Replay Compatibility Feature Request]

Please make the game able to play .nwg replay format, currently the game can only play .w3g replay file.

Btw, Warcraft 3’s replay requires the player to have the same map as the replay file used, please solve this issue. Starcraft 1 can play any replays even if you do not have the map being used by the replay file.


Guys please fix Custom Game desyncs, it is frustrating and a lot of people have problems


Mass MG´s are quite too strong so the player will need longer time to get “many” of them now, KOTG root cast range nerf & Alchemist Acid Bomb dmg nerf also good.

i like this balances!


the self-hosting service for europe doesn’t seem to work atm.

It would be also great, if you could fix the desync-problems in the games and the unstable pings (mine is switching between 80 ms and 1000 ms). Help would be appreciated.

Best regards, Berna



(Pete Stilwell) #83


AT problems still exists, this is the big bug… although i give some tries with my friend an finally manage to invite him.

About the balance changes they seem good except from the footman shield… Footman is a very cheap unit and giving them such a reduction when you hit them with piercing ,is like trying to kill a giant… I think human should be nerfed… Instead u have boosted Rifles, Breakers and Footman again


That’s biased opinion, based on statistics undeads have beaten orc even more on higher level since 2016 on patch v1.28.

The current patch favors undead heavily, just think about the ease of expanding and dreadlord imbalance. We need Version 1.28 back.


Why are you guys too subborn to bring patch 1.28 back ???

I mean, is it that difficult ? Community and pro players are saying your balance is sh*t and should be reset from patch 1.28… Wake up ?

Hope you’ll do better on Reforged :slight_smile:



Yeah sure all that tournaments that are filled with undeads recently. And 120 who is always in the finals since summer 2018. Oh wait you have to switch 120 with moon and undead with nightelf for that statement to be true. Damn. And i hope those “statistics” do not refer to battle.net where very few very good players with their 3k+ games screw the data with 90% win rates because they are just so much better than anyone else.