1.30.2 Patch Notes


Hey Blizzard,

So I am a regular WC3 player, but after this update (1.30.2), people can’t seem to join custom hosted games. It doesn’t seem like a permanent issue, but rather a periodic issue. I played yesterday (05-12-2018) and everything worked as it should, however, today everyone is having issues with joining custom games again. Is this something you are working on to improve, as it seems to be a server issue and not something caused by the update directly.


i have this same problem when i am trying to login on my account Valm[o]nt @ us east i changed the password and it says error in handling request when i try logging in now @mark chandler


Server restart, unannounced, tonight right at prime time, you all must be joking?


kk im done with you, wtf is this…


btw since the latest hot fix, arranged team is not working anymore for people who were normally always able to host


The end of Undead.
Apparently that race is still not weak enough…


good stuff dude, Ive mailed you the contact ID ^^



you are plebs

(oh, nice tracking u got there, thats very important! big brother)

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remove the fckin mouse lag which exists for over a year now. wtf is ur problem



Is there a Mac installer that is compatible with MacOS El 10.11 El Capitan? That would be awesome, thanks.


Bring back the bots please, we really need it


Blizzard I won’t buy reforged if you won’t bring the bots back


He ho admins,

Im not able to host AT games after the last patch.
Everything was fine before last patch.

What i tried out allready:

  • Deinstall & reinstall -> Dont work

  • Close and open ports on modem ( what is not necessary anymore if i ready the patch notes ) -> Dont work

  • open/close and disable and re-enable firewall -> not working

  • Make a new account -> working for 1 game afterwards it is broken again.

  • a strange one but it did work for few games. i repatched wc3 with the old public test server patch. then i did patch it back to the new patch and it seems te work for few games. but now it still broken… AT makes the game great in a big part. Without able to host AT its not fun to play anymore in my opinion.

Any solutions ?? or is there a patch incomming with a fix for this bug/issue?

Greets MIQv


BLIZZARD MY ACCOUNTS SHOWER PERMANENTLY LOGGED IN The guild tab from other persons view but i am unable to login to my account on warcraft 3 us EAST ( Valm[o]nt ) its says error in handling request or connection to battle net has been lost whenever try to login. I need my account blizzard this is not very encouraging to purchase reforge


Thank you!!! Awesome update!!! You are creating history !!! :grinning:


You guys brought more issues to this game with this fail first patch than ever before. It has been a week already and nothing is fixed. People get desync very damn game and hosting still doesn’t work on USEast. Very bad work.

Hope you won’t fail as hard as this with reforged ! I really do hope you guys won’t break my favorite game…


Finally able to log online and play a game with no issues… the new advancements are cool. Well worth the week wait. Kind of disappointed in the idea. I had to download online… the hard copy just wouldn’t update o.o


Everything just keeps crashing this is just completely UNACCEPTABLE!!! Just roll back to the previous version please!


are the crashes right at the start of game because of the patch, or?
(random ladder games… no matter if 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 or 1v1)


Hey guys!
How about fix arranged team ??? its still bugged…


i downloaded this “patch”. i am not sure if the orc music in the skirmish was from the campaign, but when i quited a skirmish i had continuous sound of burning building or something: in the menu and in a next chosen mission - the sound just didn`t stop until i exited the game.
and in the map list each map and directory repeats TWO TIMES.
please tell me why, and how to make things normal!