1.30.2 Patch Notes


Same problems here. Hoping this is patched soon.


Patch on friday oof with a lot of bugs… Please dont leave us with this over the weekend, cant even join a custom bnet game before game crashes. Unplayable.


I still have the mouse lag problem. Tried with -nativefullscr didn’t work either.

It’s incredible it’s still not fixed.


Nice patch… Crash when I scroll in custom games lobby … And after i restart WC3 it sets my server to U.S West …


IMPORTANT FIXES in NE vs HU match up: watch Tournee games between Hawk and Lawliet:

1 - Fix staff of preservation’s cooldown. Staff of preservation’s cooldown needs to be at least double the amount of time. Raising price wont do anything. The cooldown needs to be much higher, in order for the human to be able to kill some units. The alternative is to only allow elves to have one staff, which means that even if u have 3 heroes, u can only have 1 staff in entire game. So if keeper carries staff, alchemist carries nothing. No double staff abuse anymore

2- Nerf treants: in no way elves should be allowed to have 4-6 treants simultaneously on the field while ur only have a shadow priest for dispel (and in some maps like concealed hill and NI there’s no shadow priest lol) . Mana cost for treants needs to be 150 instead of 100 or something significant enough to make a difference

3- Nerf MG’s Hp, (1250 instead of 1600 or stuff like that), combined with the increased staff cooldown this should produce some noticeable difference

4- Drastically reduce acid bombs damage over time, it was nice to play the alchemist but if that makes human players want to quit their race, maybe focing him into the meta was not that worth it.

(Mark Chandler) #43

Thanks for the report. This issue is now fixed.


Game crashes after a few seconds in the overview of the hosted custom games with an error…


Please take note from my other post. I just wanna make sure you got it. You can’t play specific custom games, because there is a condition in order to start the game.(It wont allow if all are in the same team). It needs to be removed.


Unable to invite other players for Arranged Team (AT) at any level (2s, 3s, 4s).

Can confirm that multiple players are having this same issue.


I have the same issue.


Can not login to the server Europe “There was an error in handling the request”


Hi, every time I try to relog it defaults to US West gateway, and to the account I last logged in before the update. Regards


My games is keep crashing while I browsing custom game or selecting custom game. It’s excited to see a new update , but it’s also upsetting me when my game is keep crashing.


Having the same issue on US East

(Pete Stilwell) #52


The crashes in lobby are caused by an update to unavailable games. We’ve identified the issue and will have a hotfix out as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience!

We’ll address crashes and server issues first, then move on to other topics once those critical issues are resolved. Keep the reports coming. Go team.



Hello gamers, I can create an account in game but anytime I try to log in I get “There was an error in handling the request.” I’ve made multiple accounts on all gateways and get the same error over and over :smiley:


In Reign Of Chaos, you cannot host maps that were originally created by Blizzard. Tried to host Lost Temple with observers and the game gets stuck in the load up screen saying all players have finished loading. Then you need to Alt + F4 close Wc3 and restart it if you want to get out of the frozen loading screen. Hosting works perfectly fine with all other maps, just not original Blizzard maps.


It’s fixed for me now, reset the game and try again


Have reset many times, used to get the error when creating an account but now I just get it anytime I try to log in :smiley:


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thanks :slight_smile: