1.30.2 Hot Fix 3 - 12/06/2018


Bots???Bring it back maybe? At least good one


Patch failed for me. Was unable to update. Got to the end and it failed.

Now it says clientSdk.dll was not found.


Nice one keep them comeing


Where i report death threats in wc3? I got the replay where i send it


Please improve matchmaking to help bring back less played gamemodes, should allow players to search for multiple gamemodes (2v2 and 4v4, or all) but do not combine AT vs RT its unfair. And please penalize tk/afk/early leavers somehow

I kind of miss the hostbots, at least the wc3melee ones (not the auto-loss ones)

(Mark Chandler) #8

Send it to me: newclassic@blizzard.com


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thank you blizzard now i dont have to beat my wife because of all the desyncs


Thank you sir, appreciate the hard work


let me know if u got the email plz.


Please fix AT 2v2. I have been able to “host” AT games since forever by just opening ports 6112-6119 for my IPv4 adress. but since 1.30 friends can’t joing my AT invites even tho ports are open.


Thanks a lot Mark Chandler <3


Yay! this seems to have reduced the number of desyncs


games still desyncing. seems like the more people are in the game the more likely the desyncs are… also there is a glitch of when a player leaves the lobby after “start” is clicked, it cancels the countdown and glitches the screen for the host and host cant type messages. just had a game on a melee map blizzard made, where 8 people out of 12 desynced.


Thanks for your hard work <3


No they wont and they never will. Enough with the crying to bring pathetic bots.


Arranged teams doesn’t work even with port forwarding since 1.30.0 or 1.29. My friend’s account name doesn’t even appear when I try to invite him.


Hello Mark, i still have this problem when i try to log on in Europe “error_id_temporary_restriction”


Try unistall the game with War3 registry deleted. Then reinstall add your keys and see what will happen. It might work. What’s your OS?


This is the tab hotkey? Or something else? Its unclear to me. If its the hotkey that in game we can press “Tab” and see customized score screen then this is great feature Mark