1.30.2 Hot Fix 3 - 12/06/2018


‘‘dont worry, good things are happening’’ Any ETA on the AT working without port forwarding? Got a few friends who would loooove to play AT again

Cheers and good work!


just wish we could get my clans custom games to stop crashing. we paid a lot for those bots to keep our games going.


No need in bots. Just excess trash for servers.


OCE AND SOUTH AMERICAN SERVERS? ive seen a lot of poasts asking about them


Another small community, Ghostplay, recently shut down because bots are gone. It really is horrendous how Blizzard destroys what people have created over a decade.

I can only repeat myself: Blizzard, please implement this new hosting and an API for bots to host games, and make either a filter for empty games or for bot games. A lot of us custom game fanatics are really not happy with this current situation!


Joined a custom game for a new map today, lost upon loading.
Hosted a custom game for an old map afterwards, lost upon loading.
Gave up and queued for 1v1. Queue popped in about a minute and my opponent lost upon loading.



New bug with this hotfix

  • Native full screen (-nativefullscr) is no longer automatically alt+tab to game when ladder game found. Now we have to keep eye on instead of alt tab to desktop while searching for game.


without bots no leagues ! NO battles no Dota no friends f…ck blizzard if the botts aint comming back i make a video how i destroy the game the cd after almost 18 years of play ! And post it on youtube how blizzard killed there player base.


[Mac Overheating Issue Report]

The game (playing Single player custom game) increased the CPU temperature nearly to 80 celsius degree on Mac. The was never happened in the last 1.30.2 hotfix 1 update.


That looks like a bug fix to me.


LOL and who’s going to care about your absurd little video bro


Wait, it has been like this for me for months now. I have used both Native full screen on an off depending on the patch. I have missed so many games because of this. The worst is; it also only plays the ‘game found’ sound when the game is finished loading, rather then when it starts loading. It also causes me to miss the races of my opponent(s).


@Classic Games, thank for the effort guys, keep it up :slight_smile:


… I might have an Issue which I cannot tell if its my side:

My ingame colors too damn bright, I even set the gamma slider to literally zero.
Honestly, it looks cool right now but you can clearly see that the brightness shines through it, obviously my desktop setup is fine.

Also on the Back2Warcraft streams recently, the people are complaining about the brightness and it even looked odd after it got fixed. It could be because it was a restream / second hand stream but … That might be a thing to look at.


Language bugs

  • In-game titles of any hero ability or any building when constructing are in English while the description is in Spanish.
  • In battle net, the Custom Games button is wrongly written and the hotkeys are bad. It should be “Partida Personalizada” and with hotkey “ALT+D” (not ALT+N, like currently is).
  • The ALT+N hotkey should be rolled back to its previous functionality: you clicked once in the name of a player that is in the channel list, you pressed “ALT+N” and the name was copy&pasted into the chat input.

Pictures of these language-related issues: imgur. com/a/4sjv3rY

Common interface bugs

  • Autofocus to chat input in game lobby after changing of team, color etc is not working.
  • Clicking the scrollbar in the place where the ping is shown is not working.

Other issues

  • There are still a lot of official RoC&TFT maps that are not upgraded (they do not have the 24 players feature etc). Example: imgur .com/a/axrjOJN
  • The fixed “Players” slots in lobby force to have less obs. We could be playing 1vs1 in Lost Temple but the obs number is forced to be 20 or less, when it could be 22, because players slots are 4 fixed (it’s a 2vs2 map).
  • The mouse works without delay only if -nativefullscr is activated.
  • When -nativefullscr is ON, sound is still played in background when alt tabbed.
  • Alt tabbing time when -nativefullscr is extremely high. This can cause time loss when joining a ladder game.
  • When -nativefullscr ON, in one of my computers the w3 color is way brighter than without the command.
  • When updating w3 and then pressing Open game button in the bnet updater, w3 client is launched without the written parameters (-nativefullscr for example).

Nice to have

  • Tournaments being scheduled in RoC.
  • Less channel-splitting when login into battle.net. If you currently use Spanish w3 (RoC) and you log in, you could be sitted automatically into W3 Es-3 (being empty) and W3 Es-1 could have 1-2 players only.

I’ll be constantly updating this list.


Nice to see those fixes coming. I totally support getting rid of hostbots but only if custom games and AT work properly.
After you fix the most important stuff PLEASE consider further balance changes regarding Night Elves. Check out interviews with pro players from current WGL. This isn’t fun for anyone. Even NE players say playing on 1.30 balance is boring. It’s really frustrating for everyone and I don’t understand why it isn’t fixed. You never should be able to kill units so easily with level 1 ability. You know which spell I am talking about…
Playing against NE is anti-fun. You can’t scout because for sure you’ll lose your scouting unit, you can’t move out from your base until T2 dispell. I understand you approach that reverting changes is counter productive but it’s way worse to pretend all changes are for good. That balance change was big mistake. Please do something about it.


You brought more issues to this game than you solved.
Tell me, why did you feel the need to break the sound in this game?
It still continues to play after minimizing the game.


You just didn’t want to try my solution eh? You re really that stubborn? It cost you 1 min to try it. Whatever


Does Arrange Team 2v2 actually work for anyone?


it worked for me! opened port TCP 6112