"You have been looged out"


What is the deal with this thing?

I can’t even go grab a water and a snack for 5 minutes before bnet decides to log me out? Can you guys change it back to how bnet used to work or increase the time you can be afk to something more reasonable like 20-30 minutes.

What the most annoying part about this isn’t that it logs me out, it’s that i have to re-type my email and password every single time

(Grant Davies) #2

Our server team has invested many hours in trying to track this issue down this year, even contacting hardware manufacturers and having them work with us logging packets and trying to determine where the connection is breaking. Sadly, no luck so far.

If this is happening often to you, I could pass your details onto them and it might help them to focus on a connection where the dropout happens regularly.


Sure, that would be great!


Im having this same issue Grant, after the new patch has been more than before, random, just happened now, when i pressed quit to join in other acc “log out”, if you need some info to adress it i can give it to you


Same. I’ll do anything to help resolve the issue.


Mind checking the thread “Hacking And StarCraft”? You asked for something and it has been provided. @GrantTheAnt