Worsening Lag (low TR) since February

I hope the dev can see this or show us why the TR has been declining since roughly February 2020.

Way back in January 2020, people in NA region used to have fantastic TR of 20 low or 24 high. Now we are only getting tr14/tr16 vs koreans. Why is it like this now?

But Tr 14 and 16 us better than tr 20 or 24 ¬¬"

A rank player on USWest, Lag every game and Every game I play vs Korean players only…Really frustrating. Not b/c of the fact the players are Korean, but b/c of the lag lol

I’ve noticed this too. If I had to guess it is everyone being home on the internet. Cable internet is “one-for-all” so if the people in your neighborhood are all on the internet, it will affect you.

If that’s it, then we just have to wait for Covid-19 to pass (though that might be a while). If there’s anything Blizzard has changed, I hope they revert it.