World of Startcraft

Why are ya’ll sleeping on this. Making a World of Warcraft Version of Startcraft would be awesome.


because bobby needs a new yacht.

I don’t think that would be compatible with the lore of the game :thinking:.

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Well, Warcraft was before starcraft and already had much more lore to it. Further, starcraft is kind of a soap opera and doesnt have that many different people in its story. And Sc2 actually showed, that the whole starcraftverse just got worse from a narrative perspective, after they expanded the universe. Though maybe, all the good writers were writing in WoW, while the rest reinvented/ just rewrote SC1 and contradicted it.
Further, if you actually watch some shows of that time you will notice that they copied, got inspired massivly from movies like Starship troopers, series like Babylon 5 and SG-1 stargate,etc.

Alone the fact that guardians look like the shadow ships, the vorlons at lot like the protoss concept, carriers > vorlon ships. And THE QUEEN/ larva killed in starship work similar like the overminds should tell you a lot and swarm.

That’s true. The cinematic inside the Science Vessel in the middle of the Zerg campaign reminded me the Alien :alien: movies :clapper:.


I am so drunk of tragic endings.

This game provides beautiful relief.

So drunk of tragic endings.

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