Will you ever fix the missing UI bug?

Hello dear Blizzard devs,

the missing UI when trying to host games is getting very annoying and it still persists even after 3 updates that you have released thus far since it started to show.

I hope you guys are aware of what I am talking about. If not, I can upload a clip to youtube for you guys.

Basically though, if I try to host a game it happens very often that one part of the UI is missing. So the background image is loaded but no text appears. It can happen randomly with each and every single window until the actual game is hosted. If I host the game with a missing UI element, people cannot join my game. Hence I have to re-host the game until every UI element is loaded for me correctly (which can be up to five to ten times sometimes…).

Not only is that very frustrating for me as a host, but also for my friends, since they see me creating a game so many times and it spams their chat ingame.

This bug is really annoying and I sincerly hope you can hotfix it soon.

I am available at your convenience to provide more information (such as the video clip), just tell me if you need it.

Thank you in advance for your kind help.

Sincerly yours,


+1 for this, it is really really irritating. Sometimes I don’t see anything, can’t even start game… can’t see friends tab, etc…
Please solve this!

I hate how long the menu ui takes to load mid game. Like press f10 and wait for that crap to actually appear.
In 1.16.1 you could hotkey your menu options like alt o n o and youd set latency instantly. This delayed ui is trash.

We’ve started hearing about this issue recently. It has not presented during internal testing. Do you know which patch this behavior started?

It started for me from patch (so the one that came after a long period of break). Friends list/channel list doesn’t appear. When you create/join lobby you dont see anything only chat window, /profile doesn’t work, when you click ladder it doesn’t load, when you click your own profile it doesn’t load, when you view a profile of someone it doesn’t load and the list could go on…
It’s like 1 out of 2 times there is a UI bug on BNET…
It would be great if you solved it! It’s really irritating. Thanks!

This situation also occurs when creating a host on the LAN

Have you considered trying to use the product you’ve been working on, in public battle.net servers so that you can see what issues users are having?
Perhaps direct the team to call it early every Friday (eg 12 or 1pm) and instead play games on public servers for 3-4 hours. This might reveal some of the other issues we’re seeing, that you’re not.

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Here is the promised video: youtube. com/watch?v=yq3KJR7yAgg

I cant really tell you which patch it started to show, but I am quite certain that you have released 3 or 4 patches (including hotfixes) since then. If I remember even remotely correctly then it started three to five months ago.


Since the 13th or 14th Febrary Patch. As host u can’t see the player slots and map column until you remake the game for at least 4 times. Another problem is that when a ranked o unranked game finish the UI of friends list disappear.

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I found some clues in the Chromium Embedded Framework log file which located in StarCraft\x86_64\cef\logs\browser\

When something went wrong. like nothing showing on GameSearchMapInfoPanel

The log file recorded this issue.

Wish this will be some help.


Yeap indeed seeing that error for what it seems a century now, is not like they will change the whole GUI framework just for us to be happy, so lets learn to deal with it.

nice words man or woman

Same thing seems to happen for me since last week, when creating game ui is missing it can be player charts, map preview or anything just super annyoing after few times game is recreated it is fine but it needs to be addressed asap ! ty

Please fix, its getting very annoying to create the lobbies 3-4 times to see the slots.


+1 here. UI is supper buggy - basically random part of UI don’t show up. Can be the main chat window, can be the friend/channel list, can be the game lobby.

Also, just today a lot of random disconnect happen, both on battle net and inside games! (tested and reported with numerous friends - people just start dropping, even though everyone has internet connectivity)

I hope for a quick resolution as this really kills the game at this point.

PS. The missing UI part has started few weeks ago already


+1. This has been happening since few patches ago. The issue goes away after I rehost the room like 5 times, but it’s still very annoying.

Why does it do that? Did you guys change anything in the game lobby UI?

It is also very annoying when you are playing ranked and the pregame-window doesn’t popup, so you don’t see enemy’s MMR and race which is a disadvatange imo. Alright you can check race now when game starts but still there is the mmr… (happened to me that I forgot and somehow assumed his race (wrong) a couple of times though because of this bug :smiley: )

Bump, please do not forget to fix this.

I had high hopes the maintenance patch would do so, but ye it hasnt :frowning:


OK one thing that helps from someone that its having GUI problems with Remastered since the very beginning “delete the CLOUD folder” which is located at:


This folder when deleted will auto regenerate when Starcraft start up again, so you dont lose anything of importance with it, it has helped me sometimes, so i even had a shortcut in Desktop for that folder when i had lots of GUI problems so i can quickly delete it.

Hope it helps.

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