Why would you ruhs in broodwar

Balanced game, where you can play macro game.
But there always finds some dumb people, which care about rank and thinks they are good because they moved from bronze 3 to bronze 2 by proxying…
Or they are trolling. There are so many @!#@!!$ people playing this game…

You must be new here. Learn how to scout properly and come back later

Players rush because they are given the opportunity. In particular, they rush to punish an economic opening. Make sure to scout and react accordingly. Also, look into openings that allow your first expansion protection against rushes through wall-ins and appropriate units.

There was a brief time in 1998 where Zergling rushes were fast so fast that they became an early meme but by the time the Brood War expansion was released all races had something they could do about it and openings such as the Fast Forge Expand evolved into more refined strategies like the Bisu Build.

Rushing is a part of the game. If your defenses are prepared you can fight it off and severely punish your opponent for investing in attack units so early without proper economy or tech to fall back on.

I think you’re in the wrong forum