Why is there no team match making?

I returned to this game after 3 years off and I am absolutely SHOCKED to see that there is still no team match making? You guys added cartoon mode, and all of these colors (which are honestly so confusing when you have a teammate who is purple and one who is magenta, or dark gray vs black etc).

I appreciate you guys still updating the game, but how come after almost 4 years, arguably the most demanded and important feature of team match making doesn’t exist?

I am soooooo confused…


Dont be confused, Blizzard is a company that makes mobile games for the Chinese market, nothing confusing in here, you cant post Winnie the poo memes thats all.

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Going on what’s publically available, all development for SCR stopped some time last year due to the dissolution of “Team 1”, a larger development team that included the Classics Team. So SCR (and WC3R) development abruptly halted.

So far there’s no word if SCR will get picked up again.


You forgot SC II, HotS and Diablo III. Luckily for D2 and and the old games back then they got now a professional game team with Viscarious Visions

Indeed. That’s what Team 1 was in charge of (except Diablo 3, it’s handled by Team 3).

Interestingly, I suspect the Heroes devs were transferred to another team. They’ve added a new hero and had at least one balance pass (that I’ve seen) since Team 1 was dissolved.

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2022 StarCraft will be revisted.
On their list of priorities
Diablo 2 resurrected successful launch
WarCraft III reforged revisited and completed.
StarCraft: What worries me is that it may not be broodwar starcraft they work on till after another unannounced project.

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