When tmm? blue post

long ago there was a blue post (dont make me search for it) saying team mm will be done till the end of 2018
we are close to the end of 2019 now
when when when ?
and i am not asking for just 2v2, i am asking for 3v3 and 4v4 too !!!


During 2018, it was changed to say that there was more work to be done and that it wouldn’t be 2018.

Since then there’s only been the 2019 Priorities post.

And always keep in mind:

… and as you can see from above, team MM is high on the list.

Just to highlight that was updated three days ago!

I have always been one of the most positive and “dreaming” person on this forum since Remastered was releases, the truth is that they will give us Team Match Making but it will be flawed anyways, and they know the stress of this, so they will probably even wont even try to make it. Sad but truth.

With team MM being at the top of the priority list, even as of 3 days ago, I hope that isn’t the case.

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I expect they’ll discuss this at BlizzCon and give some impression of where they’re at and what to expect. I doubt there will be any Blizzard post or developer update video discussing it before then.

ah, so let me peraphrase this:
voice pack > team mm
cartoon skins > team mm
ugly/similar colors > team mm

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You think the mm teams stopped doing mm development to do art and audio recordings? Or do you think that the art and audio teams did?
You think that the mm teams stopped doing mm development to add colors to the game? Or do you think that the UI teams did?

Do you think one team does everything and must stop what they’re doing to do anything else? Or do you think there are multiple teams that can work simultaneously?

Not even a monkey would run its mouth without first having an inkling of understanding how multidiscipinary development works

You think that there is a MM team, a UI team, a IT team, a bug fixing team, a skins team, a voice pack team, an esports team, etc?

You realize that the starcraft team is really small right, there’s likely just one team and they all work on whatever the lead developers tell them to work on. If matchmaking isn’t out yet then it’s because they find it hard to implement, very time consuming, and they want to continue to release updates regularly instead of disappearing until team matchmaking is ready.

So you think that that “small” means that there’s a single team that can do everything for each and every aspect of an online game’s development? Network engineers that can draw, coders that master audio, artists that can debug, ITthat can build UIs???.. let alone all of them doing all of that?


Both skin packs for the game were outsourced, presumably that’s also true for preorder skins and UI consoles. No idea about the teamcolors, those are just a single pixel in a pcx file so not difficult to make. A single digit number of team members necessarily need to have a wide range of skills and need to have proper time management, so odds are they did dedicate some of their limited resources and time to the technical side of implementing the new art.

This is what their job is though, so while “they aren’t focusing on what the community wants them to focus on” it’s a valid complaint, it would need to be directed to a Blizzard higher-up in order to have any chance of changing the team’s task list from week to week.


i dont talk about teams
i talk about money

and dont care if they pay salaries to full time employes or outsorce to other companies… whats the difference ???

money —> job done

only monkey cant figure this out
if what u say is true, why they dont just cut paying for skins/voices/etc and pay for more employes to do team mm ??? or i would rather prefer to outsorce team mm cuz it seems that employes dont know what they are doing…