When I press play it doesn't work

I was trying to play the game where I reinstalled after I reverted back to windows 10. I’ve downloaded the game and it works perfectly fine before and now I cant even play without having a popup notification that there’s an error. I’ve wrote the same brief description and was given a report ID with the popup, but I don’t know how it works so I’m also writing it here as well.

Hoping for it to be fixed sooner. Thank you.

Hey there,

It looks like the crash is related to reading a file. Lets try this:

  1. Unsync Documents from OneDrive (the game saves settings there)
  2. Delete the Starcraft folder in Documents (make sure to back-up any wanted saves before doing this)
  3. If it’s still happening after 1 and 2, try reinstalling the game to a new folder
  4. The next thing to try would be testing the game in a new administrator account

I do hope the info helps. Let us know how things go!

i have the same issue with this game. unable to open. but i will follow the suggestions and will let you know later. wish me luck

I Can’t open the game either, I downloaded it to my MAC laptop and it quits immediately.

Thanks a lot, it turns out onedrive was uploading the document on the cloud which prevents me from playing.

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