Unplayable graphics bug

The same bug I was having before is back in this new patch. You can see the examples here:
imgur . com/S1vUguX
and here:
imgur . com/bUgLwg9

It’s not just a graphics bug, I literally can’t click on anything where the red nonsense text is. I can’t see any games in lobby or friends list. I can technically still play ranked since the ranked button is accessible but can’t switch accounts, choose race or veto maps now since those menus are obscured by this nonsense red text. Please fix this I payed 15 bucks when this game was released- 1v1 ladder and customs should at least be functioning. It’s ridiculous that I have to revert to 3rd party servers to play a custom game after paying for and owning SC:R since release date…


Same problem here. Please fix it asap!

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Lol, looks like matrix upside-down but in red.

The upside is that you get to play the game of Cryptic Clues.