Unable to download anything off the Blizzard website

I have Windows 10 (that may be the problem right there) and ultimately I want to try the free to play Starcraft, but when I attempt to download it in firefox (with my ad blocker turned off btw), it tells me the download failed. Having said that, when I go to my downloads in windows explorer, it for whatever reason still shows that a “StarCraft-Setup” and a “StarCraft-Setup.exe.part” were downloaded. When I double click the “StarCraft-Setup”, windows gives me a message that says “This app can’t run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher.”. I have the exact same problem when I try to download and install the Battle.net Desktop App btw.
I have already searched the internet including this forum for a while and can’t find any info AT ALL on this problem. Am I the only one or is this old news and there is a solution?


I am having this exact same issue

Hey there,

Starcraft is normally installed through the Battle.net application. If the main website download is getting the network failed error, try this alternate link.

Let us know if this works for you!

I ended up finding an alternate link on my own for downloading the Battle.net application and it worked. I was then able to install Starcraft using the app.

Hey all, we’re tracking the failed network issue on our Desktop App forums here.

If you are experiencing issues with failed network error or with the installation only partially installing, please try the suggestions on main thread or report the issue on the main thread where we’re tracking this issue :slight_smile: Closing this thread!

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