Try this if you have the "old graphic card driver issue"

First of all, I’m using a laptop with a graphic card of Intel HD graphics 6200. I’ve tried to update my graphic card driver but Intel says that “because your graphic card has been customized by the laptop manufacturer, our latest driver is not compatible.” Also, I found the laptop manufacturer has not provided any new driver since my last update (which is 3 years ago).

So what I’ve done is … (Oh, I’m a windows 10 user). Go to the windows device manager -> “Display adapters” -> Find your graphic card -> “Update driver software”. Then, I saw Windows were doing some works and the error message has gone magically. Hope this would help some of you guys.


I did do that, its great it worked for you man, but I can’t say the same for myself, literally same issue. But thx for the advice.

i tht it didnt work same error msg comes up after still

I was able to update the driver, but it still doesn’t open SC