This game is buggy

Tanks wont siege pressed that 3 times and they refused to siege, buildings won’t build. Units derp into mines they are not responsive. Game should be fun, but it is so derpy. You don’t even get to play normal macro game…

I’ve not had the problem with siege tanks, but I frequently have the problem of Terran and Zerg buildings not being built.

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I never encountered neither heard of this bugs in 20 years.

On tanks, you might want to set your hotkeys, one for sieage one for unsieage, otherwise they just unsieage when selected mixed. (But you probably mistaken your Hotkeys setup and the sieage one is just missing)

For your other issue, you just have to get used to the game mechanics (which might take a while if you’re spoiled by SC2 automation), for example a worker only spend the resources once it reach the building place and begin to build so if you don’t pay attention at your resources it might look like it “didn’t build”.
Same for all of your other issues I’m pretty sure.

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The buildings not being built is something that came with Remastered (around that time anyway). It’s not to do with minerals, because I get it when I have thousands of minerals in the bank. It is more frequent when it’s a “long-distance” building: for example, sending a drone out to build a hatchery at an expansion far away.

Perhaps it has something to do with units walking through the target location? Obviously, if there is a unit in the target location when the worker tried to build, then it won’t. But maybe the game registers a unit in the target location (even when the worker is far away) and decides the building can’t be built, even though the target location will be clear by the time the worker gets there? But then, even this is not consistent.

Maybe you’re referring to lag or latency? If you’re playing on high latency commands can take a bit longer before execution. Try playing on lower lat.

If you’re coming up from SC2, just like Stampelle said things work bit different on BW. On SC2 if you order worker to build something AI automatically takes away resources even before worker reaches building site but on BW resource will go away only when worker starts building. Thus sometimes if your mineral gets lower AFTER you issued command to build your SCV won’t start building. You need to learn to spam a lot more in this game - mechanics > strategy.

I have been playing BW far, far longer than SC2! (I’m still slowly working my way through the Protoss campaign of SC2…) I completely understand about the resources thing, and like I said, that’s not the issue, because it even happens when there are literally thousands of minerals available.

I’ve been playing BW for over 20 years and I’m very used to the game mechanics. This is something I’ve noticed pretty recently (i.e. in the last year or so). I upgraded to Remastered around November 2018, so it might even be a Remastered issue.

I’m also talking about this issue from a single-player campaign perspective too (I had it happened when I played Episode 6, Zerg 5 mission “True Colors” the other day). I didn’t think latency was an issue there… when I play multiplayer (usually with a few friends, not with a bunch of unknowns), I’m on low latency and there’s the same issue.

I think you’re losing track of your SCV or something because you’re the only one reporting this “bug”.

The game have hundreds of thousands of competitive players and a flourishing esport scene so ppl (and me) would have noticed the bug long before you and your campaign struggles.

Well, WildRage commented on it as well, so that’s 2 of us noticing it.
I did also say it might be a Remastered thing.
I play a lot more single-player than multiplayer. Perhaps it doesn’t happen so much in multiplayer??
I can’t say I’ve noticed it on every mission, and I can’t say how often it happens, just that it does happen every now and then.
It is most frequent as Zerg, less frequent as Terran, and I can’t recall it having ever happened as Protoss.

As I mentioned, I was playing “True Colors” and the annoyance was because I sent a Drone to set up a Hatchery at an expansion quite far away. A couple of minutes later, I check to see how it’s going, and the Drone is sitting there all alone, no other units blocking the way (and no other units having walked through the area.

Glad it doesn’t happen to you, but that doesn’t mean I’m making it up.

No it doesn’t happen.

Please stop spamming in forums until you become decent at this game.

There were probably larvas blocking the building process when the drone arrived in place to build the hatchery.
Watch your replays before whining on forums whith false bugs and stuff

Don’t be an idiot.

No, it was an empty space. No cloaked/burrowed units either, as I had Overlords around.

There’s more to this game than multiplayer. That’s the beauty of it.

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About Terran buildings not being built is pretty common because when you try to build for example supply depots next to each other and then when one of the constructing SCV will block the way while making a building then the second SCV building will not be placed. It’s best to leave 1 square of free space when building depots if you quickly want to build more than one at the same time.

About your Zerg far hatchery building problem it might be the bad units path finding maybe drone gets blocked somehow when the distance is too big on some maps. It also might be burrowed spider mine blocking the way.

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