Temple Siege Marathon #13 (7PM PST)

Temple Siege R marathon session #13 is kicking off this weekend. Map has four new fully playable heroes: Temple Lord Machina, Incarnate, Fleet Admiral, Illithid have been completed as playable heroes. More bugfixes, new sound effects and the Final spell tier has arrived as well!

More players — the better. Ask for Broflamingo on US@West. Community is growing fast and having our first money match this weekend. I will sponsor 60$ money match — first to 3 wins. All you need is 3 people.

Lets Keep The community and UMS alive!

  • Tonight the 17th, Sat 18th, Sun the 19th.
  • 7PM PST
  • Money Match this weekend!
  • Ask4 Broflamingo/HighestMaxx#1793
  • Temple Siege R — ask to join the social group
  • Check Out: Temple Siege Brothers on youtube.

Shouts out to TL, 11Pool, Frux, SNQ, Insignius and other testers!

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