Temple Siege #17 (7PM)

Temple Siege R marathon session #17 — We’ve made it far: 16 New heroes, Whole new leveling trees, New spells, New Modes. We are close to completion.

Money match is finally official — 60$ winner take all tourney/money match being hosted this saturday the 15th @ 7PM.

More players — the better. Ask for Broflamingo on US@West. Community has a big player base and growing and our channel has 71+ members. Discord is finally up!

Lets Keep The SC community and UMS alive!

  • Tonight the 14th and 15th, 16th.
  • 7PM PST
  • Money Match this weekend! Inquire.
  • Ask4 Broflamingo/HighestMaxx#1793
  • Temple Siege R — +50 Members ask4invite
  • Check Out: Temple Siege Brothers on youtube.

Shouts out to TeamLiquid, SC Reddit, Stareditt, 11Pool, Frux, SNQ, Insignius and other testers!