Suggestions to improve the game

Some suggestions:

  1. Please delete “game speed setting” from options and lobby and always force it to highest. There is no point letting players choose game speed when creating a lobby it only complicates things without making it more fun, nobody even plays on slow mode and lobby certainly won’t fill faster with lower game speed set.
  2. When creating lobby it would be best if unit limit was always forced to extended and just delete this option when creating lobby.
  3. Chosing region is very complicated: a) Chosing region in battlenet app does nothing. b) Chosing region (Gateway) after multiplayer clicked does nothing, it’s the profile you create and which you choose which ultimately is the option that allows you to select region, this needs to be cleaned up.
  4. There are 2 options when you click “Multiplayer” in main menu. Please delete “Starcraft” multiplayer and force all to play “Brood War” multiplayer. Similar to how Warcraft 3 deleted multiplayer Reign of Chaos and force all to play same, this makes it much easier to find others to play with.
  5. Please force “Real-time lighting” to be ON and delete it from video options.
  6. Please force “Color cycling” to be enabled and delete it from game options.
  7. Please force “Game type” in lobby settings to always be “Use Map Settings” for custom maps. This needs to be an option for map developers like it is in Starcraft 2.
  8. When logging in to multiplayer I always get some “ID” error which appears in chat even though everything seems to be working fine.
  9. When I click my name in lobby it gives option “Make Game Public”, however the game is already public! So it needs to be grayed out if game already is public else it is confusing.
  10. Sometimes connection is a via Proxy server which appears as red text in chat when creating a lobby for reasons I do not know! It just seems to be random, sometimes it is not proxy and sometimes it is.
  11. It doesn’t show option to buy Starcraft: Remastered when I login to multiplayer and go to my profile, only “cartoon starcraft” is shown there.
  12. Please add a “Starcraft editor” in Battlenet App when I select Starcraft Remastered game. Editor only appears for Starcraft 2 in Battlenet App but not for Starcraft Remastered.

I dont agree with that one really, there are some UMS that are fun played slowly and other that need to be played with #x2.0 and so on. What i agree is that the Custom Game ladder should ONLY COUNT games played on Fastest, and games on lower speed should not count.

What do you mean with “does nothing”, what are you expecting to happen. They are just different chat rooms with different Customer Game list, is more of a “language” situation, they are also build because people closer “might” lag less. Nothing else to it really.

I agree with this one a 100%, actually i would LOVE to have an option straight from the BLIZZARD launcher just to get inside Btnet without having to fo into clicking so many stuff. I agree that this menu should be taken away.

This is a troll right? Real time lighting is horrible looking, 80% of people have already disabled it. It look’s fine on plasma screens tho, but when playing the game that hurts your eyes, so most players will ALWAYS have that off trust me, makes it look like SC2 :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

This is interesting but how?, you mean if someone choses a UMS map the “Game Type” should change automatically right?.i think that would be smart, but maps would have to have a certain “flag”, and i believe those flag dont exist, or maybe i am wrong.

I actually dont know what this is, i believe that if its set to “private” people that are friends wont see it next to your name, i really dont know what this do, but all people use it… i never seen this questions in here.

This has to do with the STUN server, i am not 100% sure how it works also, but i am sure it has to do with the STUN server which allows router to “sync” better and is suppose to fix some “drop” issues with games.

Yeah… it should change from time to time the banner right? you are 100% true, also tournaments and events.

This has been requested millon times, they wont do it period, the old editor is not good, use the new one ScmDraft 2, should that editor be in the main screen? YES, but is not owned by Blizzard.

“No one” is a bit presumptuous. There are going to be people who want to play on a slower speed. If I want to play with my brother, we definitely need to slow the game down some.

a) In the Battlenet app, it does make a difference. For example, if you are logged into AM -> US EAST and you meet someone logged into the EU -> US EAST that you’d like to be friends with, you can’t add each other to your Friends List. The pic below is an alt account that logged into the SCR EU region. None of my friends are there:

b) In Multiplayer, it depends on the game mode. For Versus, indeed the selected region doesn’t matter; it’s global match making. However, Custom Games are separated by region.

That’s not really feasible. There will be systems out there with the minimum 2.2GB VRAM, but other components may be old/below recommended specs which could make real time lighting hinder performance. Those people need a way to turn it off. Additionally, personal preference.

That would preclude any maps created for melee purposes. In fact, being able to create and play melee maps is how many of the ladder maps were made. Besides, what about those who want to play melee games with AI allies, or on teams, or Free for All, or shared control games?

I don’t get anything like that. It may be something specific to your account/profile.

That is a weird one. I experience that too. Without changing anything settings-wise, sometimes that message appears, sometimes it doesn’t.

Do you mean in the “Collections” tab? It’s likely because that section is for skin packs (aka Collections), not the actual game.

There is no official SC editor. It’s not installed with the game anymore so there’s no purpose for the option in the BDA.

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If players can see their stats by each MU (i.e. stats for T vs P, T vs T, or P vs T) or by each map, that will be a small improvement. I mean, who cares about total gas collected, total units produced?

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Most of this request dont improve the game at all, but the opposite, though i agree that interface could be improved a lot.

There are some people that enjoy slower speed more, why take away the fun of some people?

Real lighting ? Is this a joke ? Do you know how many sistems cant support it, or have problem with ? Starcraft was a game you could play on any computer, with remasted this dream was broken, and now you want it to make it even more exclusive? There even top players that dont have got enought pc, lol … So you want to take away their game ?

2 -> i Disagree because sometimes it is fun to play on this mode, and sometimes it is good to test certain custom on that …
3 is just wrong … battlenet app region shows the players you are friends with and get messeges from, if they are same region they are shown if not you are f. …
Gateway region lets you play on custom games on that region, and has some influences on your ladder opponents even though ladder is global. Also if you are not on the same gateway you cant see find your friends ,etc. even though it shows what they are doing … Depending on the battlenet app region …
I agree that this needs big rework it is frankly a mess that is just wasts the players time for nothing and just confused everyone and in one word is s. .
4. -> i would agreed to this 1/2 year ago, but i honestly think this should stay. WhY? Actually there are some players that like the orginal more, and play it. There even is a fastess map possbile ladder for the original only. And it is just easy to look and play the orginal if you want to have some fun and see how unbalanced thegame was there. This isnt a problem and just makes for other people all more complicated to play the orginal please, NO. Stop wanting to make for other people the life more complicated.

5-> as already said BS. Never. Why take away customability of your graphics. This is allways a bad thing.
6. no idea what this is so no comment.
7.Nop, this plain stupid, there are so many different kind of games typs you can play and you want to make the game only play user settings so the map makers need to do even more. Please not, this is just really easy, helps alot, saves time and lets you play vs ai the way you want .
8.Yep, have seen it, it is minor but s. , please fix …
9.No idea what you mean, but private games should be allowed.
10. y, confusing and getting on the nerves, not much to say about that, fix it or improve, for the moments you need it .
11.Y, please just take the advertisments out of the game they just geton the nerves and it is not like everytime you got to battlnet app you get thrown by certain activision games that are plain american hypocracy propaganda funded partly by the US military, aswell has approved scripts by those. Instead of actual stuff about the game i have logged on … Remember Starcraft REmastered, the game that was supposed to come with 2 vs 2 ladder … Blizzard store … Right … Not Activision Store … BLIZZARD STORE
12. I would love to see this for the Scm2 editor … Specially since it does what blizzard has stopped to work on… A map editor… Why not give it the room it has already taken, the ressources it saves blizzard even …