Suggestions for the new ladder season map

I am a Korean gamer and most Korean gamers want a plain and simple map.
Maps like Fighting Spirit, Neo Sylphid, Circuit Breaker, Allegro, Vermeer, and so on.

However, it is known in Korea that overseas gamers want maps with unusual concepts.

It doesn’t matter what the actual opinion is.

Most complaints or problems with ladder maps will be solved by increasing ladder map pools and removal amounts.

If you don’t like the balance of the map, you can remove it, if you don’t like FS, you can remove it, and if it’s hard to learn many maps, you can remove a lot.

More maps and more removal. = Everyone is happy

My ideal map pool.
And seven chances to delete.

(All recent ASL maps + FS, CB, Sylphid.
As a Korean, I only want these three. The rest doesn’t f’kin matter.)