Starcraft remastered

Graphics driver ? What is this Blizzard ? I used to play SCR and now u shut me off saying it’s my driver’s error ?

Hey, GhostPants! There was a small fix pushed to message to inform that the graphics drivers are out of date. The graphics card helps load the graphics, while the drivers help with keeping up with updates and maximizing the performance of the card. It’s very important for gaming that the graphics drivers are up to date for compatibility and performance.

Depending on the video card on the system, these are the main manufacturers and should have an automatic detection feature.

Some pre-manufactured systems do have proprietary drivers, which you’ll need to go to the manufacturer’s website to install the drivers. Please contact the PC manufacturer for assistance.

If you’re unsure of which drivers or what video cards are on the system, could you provide a DxDiag file. Copy and paste the text file created and paste it between two ~~~ like so:

DxDiag Here

If you have issues pasting here, use Pastebin and post the end of the link. (ie. 123456 for