Starcraft remastered crashing on launch

Macbook with m1 chip. Game will not launch. Any update on if this will actually be fixed or if there is a workaround?

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i bought the M1 chip Mac Mini and mine isn’t launching as well. Been about 2 months i’ve gone without starcraft and i’m starting to lose hope

I’m in the same position, and it’s really disappointing. Hopefully we’ll have some resolution soon. My current workaround solution has been to play SC on my 1999 PowerBook G3. :rofl:

Hi! There might be a solution by running Windows in a virtual machine like VirtualBox or VMWare, since these are the most popular ones. But for it to work, as I experienced in the past, you have to give that Windows virtual machine direct access to your GPU, this is called GPU passthrough. So, google for something like “Macbook m1 chip (virtualbox OR vmware) gpu passthrough”, without the quotes.

Personally, I never got to use a virtual machine with GPU passthrough, but the posts I bumped into, seemed like there was some work to do to set it up, if that was even possible with a given hardware setup.

Now, I’m not sure if your Mac has an on-board GPU or has a dedicated GPU, because, as much as I know, GPU passthrough was aimed at dedicated GPUs, but I’ve also seen it work with APUs.

Another solution is to use an external GPU (eGPU), and then you could try going for GPU passthrough to your Windows VM. Do a thorough research if want to go this route.
This is a video showcasing an eGPU working with a Mac:

I’m not sure what this is, but this might be useful, too:
Actually, start off with this, as it seems it’s the easiest way.

Hope this helps!