Starcraft Remastered crashing after a few minutes in game

I built a new computer and now I’m having problems with Starcraft Remastered crashing to Desktop. This is the only game that’s crashing on my PC.

CPU: Intel I9-13900k
OS: Windows 11

All drivers are updated. It happens a few minutes after starting a game. Doesn’t matter if single player or multiplayer. Very frustrating

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Same problem on multiplayer, haven’t tried offline/singleplayer. It is aggravating for my long distance friends every time I’ve tried to play with them.

Google searches have pointed to this as a nearly 4-year running problem, but has been consistently happening to me about 14 of 20 games now.

I got rid of Bonjour completely.

Fixes from completely disabling Sync like Google Drive or OneDrive, running as 32-bit, closing out separate processes have been tried.


  • CPU: Intel i5-8400 2.80GHz
  • GPU: AMD RX 6700
  • OS: Win 10

So I managed to play, on Remastered 32-bit

  • Entire first Protoss mission
  • In MP vs Computer for more than 12 minutes online

Tempted to put a game out there to invite randoms to see if it happens.

Managed to play a custom game for more than 20 minutes with a random lobby without crashing. Also booted up SC2 and was able to play two complete matches VS AI with one of the friends I had problems doing SC1:R with.

Still crashing for me… Blizzard??? This is why i’m not buying diablo 4…

Here’s an example of a report ID:

Hey Gak2,

Are you using OneDrive? If so, SCR’s file system is not compatible with it.

See this article on how to unsync specific folders from OneDrive. You’ll want to unsync your Documents folder, or if it won’t let you, then unsync the Starcraft folder inside it.

OneDrive was running. I unsynced the Documents folder but it is still crashing. I also tried shutting off OneDrive entirely to no avail.

Here’s a report ID: 40915C61-A62D-4569-A2C0-84DF90A15384

Try doing driver updates for your GPU and CPU to make sure those aren’t causing the errors.

Actually I think I may have found the issue:
I enabled HDR on my monitor and on Windows, after disabling it seems to not crash anymore.

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