Starcraft Remastered crashes & game load issues

Hi, just wanted to report some weirdness when playing Starcraft Remastered.

  1. Crash code 95E03303-79B1-4DBC-A4CB-1A81D0A66F82.
    Game crashed after reached the point in the map where I’d stolen the data and sent it to Arcturus Mengsk. Just as the level had ended - boom! I can’t go back to that level, my progress isn’t saved. Any dev want to send me some steps to help track this bug down?

  2. When trying to load a game after loading a game & playing, no games come up in the list. All greyed out menus. Same as above, I can do some debugging here if you let me know what you need done.


Howdy Motosuwa,

It looks like something may be causing a conflict with the graphics driver. I noticed that there are some programs with overlays running, such as Discord which can sometimes cause weird problems. I would suggest disabling all startup programs temporarily so we can test the game by itself.

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