Starcraft crashes instantly after trying to launch

As the title says, it reaches playing now and the window opens to a black screen. It immediately crashes and gives no info in the error window, here is one of my recent codes: 00CC2FBA-1697-4AE9-B4F4-5957A3DE1103.

I’m having issues in other games in the blizzard launcher but I’ll post in those forums as well.

Side notes: I recently reformatted my laptop, everything is up to date, I’ve disabled AV/AM software, I’ve updated all kinds of drivers, everything was a clean install prior anyway. Also, I tried resetting in game options, reinstalling the game, all kinds of compatibility modes, admin permissions, and practically everything listed in the suggested articles. I really don’t know what the issue is and would love some help.

Thanks for the help!

Hey there HeadShot!

We appreciate you taking the time to reach out regarding that crashing when you launch StarCraft. Is the Desktop App installed on your primary C:\ drive? If not, this can cause permission-related issues preventing the Desktop App from functioning correctly.

I also recommend re-installing StarCraft on a different drive, if possible. This will help us rule out any drive-specific problems.

Let us know how it goes!