StarCraft Adventures, a series of custom campaigns

Hello! I’ve been working on some costum campaigns since April 2020. I’m about to finish my first campaign of StarCraft Adventures, called The Insurgent, and there are two others on the way.

All three campaigns of StarCraft Adventures take place in Samos, a star cluster in the Wilky Way, far away from planet Earth.

StarCraft Adventures tells the story of the first great war in Samos that pitted the Terrans against the Protoss and the Zerg, a war simply known as the Conflict of Samos.
Faced with the threat posed to humans by the presence of the Zerg and Protoss in the Samos Cluster, the various planetary armies, each under the rule of a Commander, decide to organize themselves into a kind of consortium known as the Interplanetary Confederation of Samos, subject to a single statute. The statute implies a commitment among Commanders to contribute a fraction of the wealth of their respective planets to a common fund of the Confederation, intended for the development of technology, military protection and the granting of loans. Important decisions are made together through the vote exercised among the member Commanders, decisions that include the admission or dismissal of a Commander, the incorporation of a new planet into the Confederation, and the organization of the Central Planets, which are under a common protectorate. Among the rules of the Confederation there is a prohibition to cooperate with other races, the development of weapons considered dangerous to humanity, and the occupation of distant planets, as they are considered vulnerable and difficult to control.
The Zerg and the Protoss lived together peacefully for several thousand years in the Samos Cluster, except for a few clashes. While the Zerg of Samos are characterized by not seeking fight with others, the Protoss do not tolerate being close to the Zerg, since the creep of these does not allow them to warp their buildings and other things. The recent arrival of humans, independent conquerors for expansionist purposes, gave the confrontations a new meaning.

There will be a Spanish version also.

In about a month I will be posting the plot of The Insurgent. It will be an old school style campaign (consider Blizzard’s, for example), no modding included, but fully voice acted. Therefore it will be compatible with SC:R and different older versions of SCBW.


Hi there. Where is the download link?

Hi. Thank you :blush: for your interest in my custom campaigns.
My first campaign “The Insurgent” is currently under production. Only the first map is available through this link (remove the ` in the link, this forum forces to put that symbol there).


The next map will be available for download tomorrow, since I’m releasing the maps weekly. I need to finish the sound editing. It’s a slow pacing but it’s a schedule I can safely accomplish.

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