Sound Editing Utility

Will Blizzard ever re-institute the sound editing ability for Starcraft Remastered? Or would that be impossible given how they’ve rejiggered the game? I tried using the old Sound Editor program that worked perfectly for the original StarCraft and Brood War. But it doesn’t affect the unit sounds in Remastered.

Having Beavis as the Wraith and Butthead as the Goliath made the game seem better somehow. @Blizzard, please re-add this feature!

There’s never been a sound editing utility for StarCraft, so don’t expect one for Remastered.

That was in Warcraft 2. I remember recording my kids for some of the voices. Death Knight was too scary so he got a little kid voice.


There was an official sound editor for Brood War that you could download from the website and use to replace in-game sounds. They took it down years before Remastered came out.

I don’t know what the issue would be but I’m pretty sure Blizzard doesn’t support the utility anymore.