Season 3 Is Live – New Rewards Available

Season 3 Is Live – New Rewards Available

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The article is from 2019, what the helll …

Wow. This is next level of incompetence. A patch has been released recently and a patch update list is nowhere to be found, and now this article from freaking 2-0-1-9 telling about a new season? looooooooolll. At this point, Im fairly convinced that this forum is now being run by monkeys in exchange for bananas. Seriously, I know you are eager to please your Overlords with Diablo Immortal and you have sent your whole workforce there, but ffs show some level of care and professionalism here even if its just at the bare minimum. This is just s hitposting, not proper forum running


Man shop being so shiity to the blizzard guys taking care of Starcraft.

Yeah, Starcraft classic is not the primary focus of blizzard now, but being shiity to the guys taking care of the game won’t bring nothing positive.

I hope you realize that our politeness is the reason why we dont have any support from the devs right now. We didnt react hard enough to their indifference and sloppiness and we have been forgotten as a community. The backlash at reforged actually has blizzard working on the game. We just sat around and didnt react; instead we just took it in the a like a boss and even said thank you afterwards lmao. F your β€œβ€"β€œpositivity”"" lol, I see none here. Quit being delusional. Starcraft has been tossed aside because it doesnt make any money for dear ol’ Blizzard.
Honestly I dont care If I get banned from posting in the forums anymore, I just wanna see some sort of action from the devs here. This continuous silence is the worst treatment that a dedicated playerbase could ever get


lol okay blizzard is officially just trolling the community at this point.


Something is going on with the forums. The Korean forum reposted the announcement for KSL Season 4.

Perhaps something is being tampered with? Might as well hope that is the case anyways.

Blizzard is a company. It makes things that earn money. It won’t give us stellar support just because we deserve it or because the game deserves it.
The game was forgotten for almost 10 years by blizzard and was kept alive by the community.
But a toxic community is not a community that I want to come back to.
So F the negativity.

Grant doesnt want to break anything else again so he doesnt touch the game out of fear of losing his job and being held accountable for the game status.