SC:Remastered Freezes on start along with the whole Mac system

The last time i opened this game was around six months ago
As of now, every time i try to open the game, it will freeze on start up screen
it will also freeze the operative system, so i need to push power button to fix.
this means i dont’ get any message of the issue

i’ve already tried doing the bnet scan and repair,
followed by a full reinstall

no change in either.

hardware is Imac retina 5k 2017. 3,4ghz intelcore i5
operative system is high sierra 10.13.6 macos

if you have this issue please say so and support this thread so it can be noticed

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I have the same problem on an Acer Spin 5 Intel i5 with Iris graphics on Windows 10. Completely unplayable - freezes everything but the music still plays in the background.
No way to quit except power button.

Ridiculous - I regret paying money for broken software.

I have the exact same situation as OP. I have not played it in a long time (over a year) I did the update now it freezes the entire mac os on the starcraft splash screen. Cannot force quit or anything I have to actually press the power button. Also I have a same IMac as OP except i7, using 10.13.6 os. Something to do with High Sierra?

I have the identical issue on Mac Pro 2 x 3.06 GHz 6-Core Xeon Running 10.13.6, Radeon RX580. Identical freeze on splash screen, system totally unresponsive after a few minutes of spinning beachball. Uninstalled and reinstalled, no luck. Starcraft 2 working just fine.