ScmDraft 2 - Alternative starcraft map editor

My update was a bit delayed, but now is available on the alpha page here. This has 1.23 support and a new, simpler, profile UI:

ScmDraft Alpha Releases

Please let me know if anything is not working. If no bugs show up in the next day or three it will become the next official release.


Seems the Alpha release works great thanks!

Ya I cant open maps now dafuc… I just tried to dl the .9 alpha and still not working… Which alpha download do you recommend

buncha numbers followed by “Error::Unable to access the CASC data!”

This is from the 09’s release candidate alpha, when I press launch in the startup screen.

klauskervin which alpha did you install homie

I can’t even open the map editor, it keeps asking me to locate the SCMDraft folder even though I already locate it!


Make sure you are using the july 9th (or newer) version from here: Download list. You can unzip it and replace an existing install, or run it as a portable version from any folder.

If the starcraft path is not autodetected, configure the settings as follows: profile settings. Note: The autodetected path may be empty or display not found.
Set the custom path option and enter the path where you have starcraft installed. This is not the starcraft directory under my documents, most common case is “C:\program files (x86)\StarCraft”. It should include a “data”, “x86”, and “x86_64” folder among other files. Make sure to set the starcraft version to 1.23 or to autodetect in the profile settings. If your settings dialog looks like this: example settings, then you are still using an older incompatible version.

If you get an error message “Unable to access the CASC data!”, then the configuration is correct but the install is corrupt. You will need to scan/verify your installation using the bnet app.


I have been a big fan of SCMDraft since its inception. I am by no means a hardcore map maker, but I love tweaking and perfecting other maps that I enjoy. I am currently working on a few edits for a friend’s map and when the new update to starcraft dropped, scmdraft stopped working. I tracked down this thread and got the new one working, but now the names in the drop down menus for triggers are listing all of the coloring code, which makes it so you cannot see the base name anymore.
How do I fix this without deleting the color coding?

You will have to wait for an update, that was changed a while ago but I hadn’t heard of any problems with that.

Perhaps I will introduce an option into the profile config to switch between:

  • original unit names
  • custom names
  • custom names without colors.

I just downloaded the most recent version of SCMDraft 2. I am trying to use it, when it asks to select the starcraft directory, I browse to “C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft” and the program does not recognize this as the starcraft directory and asks me to find it again. Any ideas on how to solve this?

You might have downloaded the wrong scmdraft2. i noticed i had 2 different zip files in my download folder, the shorter one works.

Make sure you downloaded the newest alpha, not the newest release. If it doesn’t open up the profile settings but instead opens up a directory picker, you are using an older build.

I will turn it into an official release soon, but I spent the past 1-2 months re-implementing the text trigedit parser (Not the UI yet though), and want to verify stability some more before I do that.

Did that, its working now. Thank you Sinsanity for the program. Hopefully you will be willing to teach me how to use it now. Any tutorial videos or links for the program? You are being more helpful that the official support. Bad form Blizzard!

What exactly do you want to know? If you’re overwhelmed at the number of options you should hide them until you feel comfortable using them. For most mapmaking all you need is in the radial menus at the top (options and display options) and these are generally things you configure once and leave until you need to temporarily change settings.

There also is a screenshot gallery with an overview of the different editing options online here. Many of those features should be familiar if you have used staredit before.

to all people on the website "stormcoast-fortress " there is an alpha download it … it is the newest and will you let launch it …

I have added a new build and an installer version to the alpha download list. This version also searches for starcraft in the default installation directory, and removes some of the debug messages during game data loading. Otherwise it is unchanged to the July 9th build.

It is likely that the editor may not be launched when starcraft is running - I am searching for workarounds that do not involve copying the entire game data. I think launching starcraft after opening the editor should work fine.

Last version rocks, everything runs perfectly. Hats off to Sinsanity (boo to SC:R team for destroying everything! BOO!).


New version with one change: It has an extra error message for the case that the data could not be loaded because starcraft is running.

It is possible to launch scmdraft and then launch starcraft.

If anything else is not working with 1.23 let me know. Otherwise this will probably be turned into a release on sunday. (Out of town tommarow)

So, what do you say?

I currently have no plans to open source the editor.