SC Remastered - Offline AI Skirmish - Zoom

Really what it says on the box.

I understand that zooming might be something of a distraction (solved with keybinds, however) when playing on the competitive side of things, but when I’m just playing a casual game against AI, I would really appreciate having the option of enabling the zoom function - as seen in the campaign.

As said before, this is probably disabled due to everyone wanting to keep SCR as close to vanilla as possible when playing competitively, but having it enabled during skirmishes with the computer is really a non-issue.

Any chance of someone working on a tick-box option for “skirmish zoom” - i.e. outside of the campaign?

The only real reason (I can think of) this would be left out is if sprite fidelity is inferior to the campaign sprites (because of all the custom colour renders needed), but I’m sure that isn’t the case - would be a pretty big oversight considering that most people spend infinitely more time in PVP/skirmish/custom maps than on the actual campaign - though this is unlikely, because all the races appear in various faction colours throughout the six campaigns, and I’m yet to see one with lesser fidelity compared to another.

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From what I have seen it seems to be intentional; something about zooming in to get an advantage for specific unit placement was what I heard somewhere. I would like this feature a lot personally.

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I agree! Particularly (or, you know, only) in offline all-AI skirmishes. I see no reason to disable them, the game is certainly able to detect I’m only playing with AI - an “AI skirmish zoom” tick box is really all that’s missing in the Remaster.

Personally I wish that single-player custom games could have Top Vs Bottom scenarios with AIs. In singleplayer games you can zoom in but not have AIs on a team for some reason (unless you select the Melee option, where all the AIs team up against you).

But more lobby settings or options would be great, like an option to change zoom settings, unit limits, stuff like that.