SC HD graphics greyed out/F5 doesnt work

So i own SC: BW, with HD graphics… been a LONG time i havent played so i reinstalled the game this week… (via app launcher)

I noticed the HD graphics are not enabled… if i click PURCHASE it says i already own the HD graphics… but in the options the HD graphics are Greyed out and cannot activate it.

F5 to toggle them doesnt work

I DO have a permanant internet connection… that works and the game is enabled…

And i dont think i ever was banned or anything…

Any Help?

Hey there Tef,

I looked into this and believe there’s some confusion with the account that’s logging in. Please check the email that you’re using to log in with Starcraft: Remastered and on the website that has your Starcraft: Remastered order. I found 2 accounts logging in and one has the game and one does not. If you’re not sure which account has your game or need help accessing that account, please open a ticket so a Game Master can assist further.

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Ahhh thanks!
its weird tho: launching the game from account #1… in game clic on BUY the upgrade… and it automatically logs in the store with my account #2?

but yeah thanks fixed it now

The logins for the game and website are handled independently.

When you click on the buy link from inside the game, it simply just launches that specific web page in your web browser.

However, the browser will then just use its stored information on who was logged in last (or if logged in at all).

In other words, the game isn’t sending login info to the browser, it’s just launching it only. From there, the browser does what it usually does independent of the game.

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